Thoughts on the negative cam

I have been reading about the Nautilus negative cam that Jones put on the duo-squat machine. Quite interesting stuff.
Does anyone know if Jones put that cam on any other machine?
Also, in the long run, did that cam function the way that Jones wanted it to?

Any info much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Jesse Lee Otis

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The Multi-Exercise machine was actually the first Nautilus machine to apply a negative cam. Then he used it on the Duo-Squat machine, and he did it for the Overhead Press and Torso-Arm Pulldown.

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Wow! Thanks loads for that info, Dr. Darden; so good to know. I have often wondered what kind of cam is on the multi-exercise machine that I have – and hoped that it was correct for hip-belt squats. I should have known that Jones would have installed such a cam as that on a machine that the user can do dips, chins, squats on – all compound movements.

Jesse Lee

Another question about the style of cam (positive, negative) installed on Nautilus machines.
On the Compound Leg Machine, I well imagine the cam for the leg extension part is a positive cam. But what about the cams for the leg press part of the machine? The leg press is certainly a compound movement – but what kind of cams are those?

Any info much appreciated – and thanks in advance.

Jesse Lee

Jesse Lee,

You should be able to examine closely any exercise cam and determine if it’s a negative cam. The negative cam always unwinds. In other words in the starting position of the exercise, the chain is wrapped around the cam. Then, as the movement progresses, the chain comes off the cam.


AHA!! So that’s the way. Thanks much, sir.
I hope that you and yours are doing well.