Those Victoria Secret Gals

Well i watched some of the Victoris Secret show…those girls just really aren’t hot! They are some beautiful faces, but for the most part those women look like they walked out of a concentration camp. They were so skinny they looked sick. I felt like i should have run to their aid with big gulp sized cup of Advanced Protein. WHat do you think?

No, they are still hot.

they’re F’ing twigs! I bet they can’t squat sh%$!

alphamale - you are an enlightened man grin

I didn’t get to watch the show last night, but from the girls I’ve seen, they have some pretty faces, but they are too tall and skinny for me! I like shorter girls with more athletic bodies.

I agree that falseto crap is for the birds. I dated a woman like that for a while and I always thought I was going to break her in two. I like a woman with proper curves. Now I am not talking rosanne barr shit just some meat on their bones… I like the way an average woman feels. Hell those stick figures will poke you with their damn hips it is a pain. No pun intended. I don’t know man I have been with a lot of women and the best ones have been of average build. Aside from the fact that most thin ass chicks are also lacking in self esteem and a general pain in the ass. I like a woman who is strong of mind, body, and soul. Those attributes typically doesn’t coexist with freakishly thin. Peace, K.

Yeah they were a bit skinny. Tyra Banks was just fine though. She was the best one there. Mmmmmmm yummy Tyra. :slight_smile:

Standards of beauty for both sexes differ according to a multitude of cultural and biological factors. There are a few commonly valued traits, like symmetry and the waist to hip ratio that TC mentioned in his last Atomic Dawg, but for the most part our culture decides for us what we will value as beautiful in our mates. We our not absolute slaves to socialization, however. Some of us (like me), prefer that our women actually appear to have eaten in the past month or so. The rail thin look of today’s models, despite being very popular, turns me off. I don’t think I’m alone here. For the most part they look coked out, emaciated, and fragile. And when they open their mouths and reveal to the world how vacuous and shallow they are, it only serves to further my disinterest. Again, there are exceptions, but for the most part, this is how they appear to me. I’ve always found it funny that, for the most part, clothing designers and fashion critics control which models succeed (supposedly according to how beautiful and charismatic they are). Do you really think these guys look at women the same way that Joe Six Pack does? Let me ask you this: Do YOU listen to Barbra Streisand? Do YOU use the word “fabulous” regularly? Didn’t think so. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

What the fuck ever! Those girls are hot as fuck. Im getting tired of the they are too skinny comment. I dont wanna girl who is the mirror image of me. I want a girl who is small. As Joe Tex says, i aint gonna bump no more, with no big fat woman.

Can you say boney! Yeah those girls had nice faces but they were so thin it looked like it hurt.

some are a bit too thin imo but still most if not all are damn hot.

God damn right Goldberg. Saying they aren’t hot is ridiculous. Considering they all smoke three packs a day and do a lot of drugs they look pretty good. Should the real question be would you rather have a fat girlfriend or a skinny one?

Theyy’re a tiny bit too skinny, but still way hot.

They got pretty faces,a lil skinny but it’s ok.Hot.:slight_smile:

Adriana Lima is amazing. She’s Brazilian and models for Guess? and Victoria’s secret. The too thin attribute can be fixed with a bit of weight training and a bit more eating. But before I get her in the gym I’m going to have to start dating her. Hmmm, getter to that point might take some effort.

I heard there was FCC trouble over some of the show content. Was there anything too explicit that you could imagine would cause a problem?

Interestingly, while the VS girls may not be able to do a single squat, I found a stipper advice page at that prescribes 3 sets of 20-rep heavy squats to women trying to get sexy!

They were hot, and they were too skinny for my taste. Tyra Banks was the hottest AND the healthiest looking chick there. Did anyone see the goober of a host licking Heidi Klum’s leg? Yum.
PS For what it is worth, my 17 year old son watched too, and thought that many of the thinner chicks were a little gross.

…well, everyone has different tastes i guess, but lets be honest, you wouldn’t tap that??? that comment seems similar to some girls who claim they “don’t like big muscles…they look nasty.” yeah right.

I despise those damn models. You’re right, they have no “meat” on them. Most of them are dirt thin but still have cellulite on their ass. What a bunch of no talented, overpaid bitches. When they say modeling is an “art” or that they work harder that the blue-collared guys I just want to run out to LA and dropkick then on their surgically altered faces.

PMac: A little “female hostility” there, Bro? Take a Deeeeeep breath…(maybe from some “Victoria Secrets” panties?)

And one thing is for sure. We better warn Tyra Banks to never cross your path!