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Wazzup to the tmen…alright now i know biotest provides the funds for this site and i appreciate it…but i’m looking for a little ubiased opinion …what are the best fat burners out there. if u guys trult belive its MD6 …thats fine…but if your heart is set on something else …lemme know and lemme know why…i used to use xenadrine w decent results but i hear their formula is weaker now…also u guys know anything about clenbutrx…i was reading the label…looks pretty interesting…keep me posted thanks in advance, Mike

I’ve used them all and if you look, you’ll see that most contain the same ingredients anyway, but I really do prefer MD6 because it kills my cravings and doesn’t give me jitters. Can’t wait for the new 5-HTP formula.

Look ClenbutRx was good, I mean the first batch was the ultimate fat burner in my mind. Hey I prefer MD6 for fat burning myself I love PPA and I think it sucks that the FDA would try to ban such a valuble appetite suppressent that doesn’t even make me shake. I would have to say that Xenadrine sucks, it’s just a standard overpriced fat burner that over 20 companies make for less money. Anything will work for you if you haven’t used very much of it. Example my friend that doesn’t even work out bought Hydroxycut followed the recommended amounts and lost a shitload of weight in 2 months but was this the best choice or did fall into the great marketing skam? Any company that buys 6+ pages in most magazine isn’t spending a ton of money on research.

My favorite is MD-6 with triax II, I alternate 3 weeks of MD-6 with 3 weeks of extreme ripped fuel. Then take a couple of weeks off.

Ephedrine 25 mg + caffeine 200 mg @ 3X/day;
Guggulipid standardized to 2.5% guggulsterones 600 mg @ 3X/day. The caffeine is Kmart’s “Jet Alert” brand, and the other two ingredients I get from beyond-a-century.

And that’s it. Very cheap and very effective. I imagine that MD6 is equally or more effective at a higher cost, but I react badly to yohimbe. I’ve heard good things about fenugreek, and would like to try it at a future date. Larry Hobbs has a very interesting book called “The New Diet Pills” which is available from Amazon that looks at the major OTC and prescription weightloss products, focusing on the published research. One interesting thing is that several types of dietary fiber, especially guar gum, have a major thermogenic effect.

I personally use Stroked by ProLab…basically the “same” ECA ingredients but!!! no capsules!!! you gotta scoop the powder and then either mix it with your drink or take it orally/wash it down…why this product? at 80 servings a bottle for 25 bucks…works well as others …cant complain

I have tried almost every thermogenic out there, and I really have had the best results from MD6. I have to agree with previous posts that Xenadrine kind of sucks, but yup I have tried that one also. MD6 offers the tradidional ECA, but with a lot more, including appetite supp. and it does not give me the gitters. It is a good idea, as with any thermo to take a day or two a week off to continue its effectivenss.

Thanks guys…i love the quick responses …this board is excellent… I noticed that extreme ripped fuel was mentioned…anyone know anything about taht coleus forskholi?..its the ingredient that makes ripped fuel"extreme " supposedly and and its a big push behind betalean by EAS too fom what i’ve been reading,…j/w…please keep the info on the fat burners coming thanks alot Mike

Yeah, I gotta say that I truly believe that MD6 has worked best for me. I’ve tried Ripped Fuel, Xenadrine, and Hydroxycut, and they worked–but they skyrocketed my nerves. MD6 is soothing, lifting, and effective. I’ve referred many friends to it on other websites, too, who have agreed with me that they’ve appreciated its effect.

thanks everyone for you replies…interestingly enough i had told a partner about my interest in the fat burners and told him i was gonna take clenbutrx or MD6…he stopped at the local store while i was at college and bought me a bottle of clenbutrx…i’m thinking about 3 weeks of that…and then 3 of MD6…i read before that clenbutrx used to be good…i mean i got it for free from my partner…should i bother taking it even…? whats up w it now…from ur respones i’m definitely gonna give MD6 a shot…just curious Mike

Just finished 4 weeks of Clenbutrx and Triax 2
and androsol while on the t-dawg diet.Great results! I like MD6 but have to take half the dosage.The yohimbine gives me chills and makes me feel paranoid.

I’m ordering my first bottle of MD6 today. The best thing I’ve used so far is Adipokinetix. It’s pretty similair to MD6, but has 2x the norepedrine. The only problem I’ve had is that I get side effects from that much ephedrine if I take it for more than 2 weeks. The herbal thermogenics are really shady quality. every time I take them I get a different response. I think its due to poor standardization of the herbs. Anyway, stick w/ real ephedrine or the products that contain nor and you’ll be golden.

cool cool…i had taken clen b…for 3 weeks about 4 months ago…worked good…i don’t feel the same effects now tho…i wasa little lerery w everyone talkin about the"first batch". btw…by partner…i mean my lifting partner…just sounded wierd bfore when i read over the post…but like george costanza said…not that theres anything wrong w/that

SpiroSOME by IDS is my absloute favorite. It’s the fastest acting by a long shot, and comes on HARD. Take 5cc’s (it’s a liquid) in the gym parking lot and you’ll be tripping by the time you’re putting your shorts on. I like it cause it washes out very quickly too.

Opposite end- Betalean by EAS is very good. Comes on easy, lasts for at least 4 hours- nice clean euphoria, too.

Hey, almost forgot. If you’re looking for euphoria, Opti Burn by Slim Sense is incredible. I’ve never taken Prozac, but this has gotta be a close cousin. Opti Burn proves that EAS alumnus Brett Hall still very much has his act together.

thanks doelemite. you mean these things are mood enhancers too?..and with the spiro…is that adiuretic only?..and 1 more thing …trippin…not literally right?

Almost all thermos have a significant diuretic effect- mainly due to the caffeine content. A significant euphoria is the added ‘bonus’ of ephedrine/ma huang/sida cordifolia containing products. This also contributes to the real withdrawl symptoms you get when you go off of them. The Opti Burn feels nice & clean as it has St Johns wort & tyrosine added to tame down the ECA. As for Spiro- I mean tripping on sunshine, not your shoelaces!

Dolemite, what’s up, buddy! I just had to chime in. For strictly getting jacked up for a workout, would you recommend the SpiroSOME then? I like to use an EC every once in a while before my workouts for the extra boost it gives me. I don’t get jitters or anything like some do, and they really increase focus and drive for me. So, my question would just be which would you recommend for pre-training purposes (not necessarily fat loss)? Thanks, Dolemite.

Hey Timbo,

For pre-workout, I’d say SpiroSOME is where it’s at, just cause it a)it comes on fast & furious and b) it washes out just as fast, which is nice if you train in the evening like me. (Note to T-Dudes- I have bought a bottle of MD6, but I’m saving it for the last 6 weeks of my diet- obviously, I’m expecting great things…)

   Well you and I have something in common we both need fat burners. Here is my opinion and solely my opinion and what has worked for me.
    I weighed 310 pounds and the day i bought this thermogenic I read as much as I could first before I made my choice. I incorporated this fat burner with a 8 oclock cardio treadmill and try to stay to a strict diet.
   Now your thinking just tell me damn it, ok its Metacuts by Metaform I found it the most affordable and effective for my first thermo worked wonders.
   I constantly read on thermogenics cause I love LIFTING and am overweight so I suggest read up on it and pick what you feel may work for you. 
              KEEP LIFTING