Thermogenics, are they working?

I’ve recently read a T-mag article (previous issues) ‘How can you tell if your supplements are working’, or something like that. It states that when on thermogenics you will have increased energy, feel more alert and feel warm. Well, i am currently taking a thermogenic (no not MD6, i’ll give it a try next time) and i am experiencing increased alertness/energy but am not feeling warm. What i want to know is, is the increase in body temp that these supplements are supposed to cause measureable i.e. can i take my body temp on ‘off’ days and then compare it to ‘on’ days? If it is measureable and i don’t find an increase in body temp does this mean that the supplement is not helping to burning fat? I know i may be being a bit anal about this but i like to know if my hard earned cash is simply being flushed down the toilet.

Also has anyone out there increased the dosage of a thermogenic beyond that stated on the bottle to try an increase the effectiveness? If so what results did you get? The thermo i'm currently taking is a herbal version of the ECA stack, this combined with the T-dawg diet.

Any info on this would be really helpful as this is my first dabble with this kind of supplement.


Effectiveness of thermos you ask? Well, here’s my recent experience: I was not really fat, but about 16% body fat and weighed 202 in September. At that time I started coaching both my kids soccer teasm and would run with them. No real body comp changes. However by mid October I started using the old MD6 and T2 regualry and keeping my carbs low. I personally never noticed any of the side affects such as increased body temperature and did not believe I was actually losing fat. However all of my pants started falling off me and I went from a 34 inch jeans to a now 31. Peolpe went commeneting on how much I had lost and when I weighed myself I was at 180. That’s 22 pounds within a few months. My workouts were haphazard and I was not very strict with my diet and the weight still came off. So bottom line I do believe they work, but you don’t have to “feel” anything for them to necessarily be working.

I always wondered the same thing regarding feeling warmer (since I never did). I used old T2 and new MD6. I got great results for the first 3 weeks, then everything stopped. I carried on for another 3 weeks, but no further losses, and was in danger of reaching starvation levels in calorie terms so decided to quit cutting and start adding calories in preperation for the MAG-10. I haven’t added any noticable fat since upping the calories to from 1800(on T2+MD6) to 3000+(MAG-10). Hoping to get BMR high so that for the next cutting cycle I can make some further BF% progress. Not sure if this helped or confused you more :o) I think it means that noticing thermo effect isn’t a requirement, but to make sure you only use the supplements when your cycle can best use their effect (BMR high/Non starvation mode) since there is a point where you need to keep reducing calories to continue progress and your tank is on empty.