The Washington Post's War on Bodybuilding

We’ve discussed the one about prep coaches here:

Seems accurate to me. Many coaches will definitely risk YOUR health to get another notch in their belts and sell more consulting packages.

The other articles are behind a paywall, but the titles aren’t exactly wrong. Competitive bodybuilding has always been pretty shady/corrupt, and steroids and related drugs definitely take years off your life.

And I’ve written about the brain effects a couple of times, like this one:

It is weird that the Post is running a lot of articles about competitive bodybuilding. Maybe it’s part of the anti-fat-shaming, obesity-is-healthy, tell-me-I’m-pretty movement. Like they’re saying, “See how unhealthy working out and dieting is!” Yeah, lame to focus on the extreme side that doesn’t care about health anyway, but maybe that’s their ulterior motive.