The Ultimate Gym

How @#$%ing cool would it be to have a Testosterone sponsored gym. Built by and made for T-men and T-vixens alike. The blue black and yellow surroundings. And NO aerobics classes blasting Britney. Setting newbies straight (gently). And an all around hardcore atmosphere. I think I may have wet myself…please excuse me.

Only in a perfect world!!! Instead of supplements in cases there would be steroids.

Yeah, that would be pretty cool. Provided there were no meatheads thinking they’re God…

“Instead of supplements in cases there would be steroids.” If you think everone who reads this e-zine is a fucking juice monkey, you’ve got another thing comin’.

Only if they sold EAS products :wink:

Yah, I was thinking more of the lines of Biotest products being sold…not steroids.

Yep, they would sell only biotest products and I am sure the cost of membership would have to be higher than normal so you don’t get any newbies in there, that don’t truly apprectiate testosterone.

And in the back there could be therapy room where one could go for advice on roids, to see if their ass is infected and if their noodle will ever work again. Probably would need a posing room too. :slight_smile:

Yes, and Hydroxy 7 will replace water fountains, (N)Androsol will replace the shower stalls…ohhh and don’t even get me started on the “massage” therapy.

Hey, I’m afraid I’d have to demand that all T-Vixens train in G’s and a top that’s AT LEAST 2 sizes too small…!!! If you can’t uphold those standards, then I think I’ll just have to hold back on my membership…

I can picture myself now at the juice bar. “I’ll have a Surge smoothie” -“would you like any boosters with that?” “Yes please, some Ribose C and a scoop of Winstrol, Thank You.” And don’t worry Hemm Roids, you can choose any booster you want.