The T-Dawg Diet

In your diet The “T-Dawg”, awesome by the way. Thank you for bringing relief from the Atkin’s Diet. The article claim’s on page 4 of issue 83, that you should subtract 500 calories per day. only the first week you subtract 250 per day to get use to the low carb intake. Since i am switching from Atkin’s to the T-Dawg don’t need to do that. I wanna know if this makes any sense, since this will put me at 60 calories by day 6 of the week. My weight 170 x 18 = 3060 kal - 500 kal per day : resulting in 2560, 2060, 1560, 1060, 560, 60, than wham carb-up day. I apologize if i read your article wrong.

Mike! NO, bud, you did not read that one correctly. But, hey, that’s what the forum is for, right? For the first week, subtract 250 calories from the number you calculated, eating that many calories EACH day of the week. After that, subtract 500 calories from your original number and eat that many calories EACH day…

Mike, you read the article wrong. The 1st week you drop 250 cals and then 500 calories the following, but you stay at that 500 calorie defecit. If the 500cal drop would leave you at 2560 cals, thats the calorie level you stay at. You don’t drop another 500 the next day. It’s an honest mistake and when you mention it I see how it can be interpreted like that. Anyway, good luck to you. I’m working on cutting up myself.

No, don’t subtract 500 each day! Eat 2560 every day, and adjust accordingly if you’re not losing weight, or if you’re losing too much weight. Good luck!

The wording about dropping 500 calories per day is misleading. I was under the same impression as you until I read issue #2 of the printed mag. You only need to drop 500 cals and keep that # static. So in your case it would be 2560 cals/day for the weekdays. 60 cals/day would be kinda rough (I think that’s about 1 & 1/2 macadamia nuts).

WARNING: what you’re about to do could kill you!
you miss read the article, mike. go back and re-read it. t-mag wants you to lose weight but not die!