The Strong Bodybuilder Program

So I’m a woman . I’ve been lifting for 5 years . I change up my programs every 8/12 weeks .
I am going to give the above program a go . I was wondering if this program is still good fir women . I like to lift heavy but also like higher rep schemes and this program ticks all the boxes . My concern is chest day . I don’t normally do so much chest and biceps but focus more on butt and shoulders . Any advice would be much appreciated

Should be fine to drop one of the giant sets on chest day -theres already plenty of volume overall in the program so wont be missing out much. Might keep you fresher even


Edit: basically just parroted what RB said lol

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What’s your goal?

To build muscle in the gym and lose about 5 to ten percent more bf . I’ve already lost over 100 pounds through diet and lifting . I’m now in a phase where I can’t cut my calories too much lower without sabotaging my gains . So I’ve decided to eat for gains build muscle for awhile . I do steady state cardio in the firm of cycling or king beach walks in the afternoons

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That’s awesome! Impressive progress.

Looking over the program, it seems like it’ll be very very difficult to progressively overload, which is crucial for muscle growth. It looks to be geared towards getting a massive pump. Even the main lifts have some pretty insane volume. There’s high volume, ultra high volume, and stupid volume, and this program falls into that last category IMHO :slight_smile:

If you follow the author at all, you’ll see he’s chilled out a lot these days. He wrote this program during his days of trying to do it all. A ton of the volume is redundant too. I believe you could get so much more out of so much less. Quality over quantity to put it succinctly.

Insane amount of work per session. I used to be a high volume guy and even this was too much.
Doesn’t address your question, only an observation when I recalled my (short) time with this program.

Any program is “good for women”.

A few things may have to be adjusted, but a program in and of itself isn’t rendered better or worse concerning whether someone is male or female.

I’d suggest you start a straight forward PPL routine, 5/3/1, or a basic 5x5 setup with the accompanying secondary lifts.

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