The Meathead Art Thread

I didn’t see anything similar on here, so I figured I’d call out for any other artists on here. Here’s a glimpse of stuff I’ve been working on. Feel free to add yours!


Fantastic shading on those! We do however have a similar thread already made. I believe it’s the “Things You’ve Made” thread. Not art specific though.


Very impressive

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Very nice!

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I know I have posted some on the Things You’ve made thread.
Here’s a WIP


Dude, you have talent! I can draw stick people…

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A little old, but I’d say it fits the “meathead art” topic -lol



Here’s an oil painting I did several years ago. You should put yours on here.


Chick: I am just… just awful with paint. I have no eye for color (entire wardrobe is black, just easier) a little jealous.

Also I really dig the elephants. I personally don’t care for hyper realism, and I definitely prefer stark contrast and deep blacks, my favorite by far!

Stu: do you actively draw? I typically hate/suck at drawing people, too symmetrical, and too much empty space, I don’t know what to do with it. So in other words… impressive.

Everyone else: Thanks!

(P.S. I give myself limited time on Social Media/Forums, so it’s easier to respond in groups like this)

Thanks! I am self taught so… I just bumble my way through it… lol

The elephants are on a large (24x30) scratch board canvas. What was I thinking? A couple years and a few million more strokes with an exacto knife and I might get it finished…lol

I have tried some abstract and fantasy art but, there is not much of a market for it where I live.


You’re a mad man! I typically do all my work on 7 x 11 Bristol board. I’ve gone bigger but I lose focus far too easily with anymore space.

As far as a market, it’s probably not any better here. Never tried it for employment, would be nice. But my skill set us super limited. Its just… idk, meditative? I just like doing it

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Nice graphic work there bud. You have done well by interpreting the photo, rather than slavishly copying it.

To all the artists here: did you become good at art from practicing a ton or is it innate ability? I’d like to get better at drawing so I can sketch some tattoos but my art skills on a scale of 1-10 is roughly Michael J. Fox

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Personally I think “innate ability” is too broad. The most important factors to me are:

A steady hand

Imagination is by far my biggest weakness. I can stare at a sheet of paper for hours and just have nothing to put on it.

Definitely practice though. The best thing you can do is just watch other people draw, and develop ideas and techniques from them. Then just start to incorporate them.


Put this up on my IG a few weeks ago.


Definitely not good enough for employment, it’s just nice if I can get lucky and sell one once in a while to buy more supplies…lol

I will let you know when I get good at it!
There are many free resources online to help you get started.
Practice is part of it. You didn’t know how to bench or deadlift until you learned how. Same with art, plan on failing and let that drive you to do better.
Not sure about innate ability but you have to learn how to see. Art is an illusion, when you look at something try to see the light and the shadows. Don’t just look at it, see it, the colors, the texture, the shading, the straight lines and the curves.
Even if it’s what you are seeing in your minds eye.
You don’t have to have expensive paper and pencils to start. Just plain ole cheap paper and pencils will work until you get the hang of it.

Thanks for the kind words. I draw as much as I can, but don’t work full time in the industry anymore.

Did my time as a fine arts professor as well as a character animator for tv and commercial work.


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I posted this in another thread, but thought I’d add it here too. I’m still pretty new to sketching and definitely a beginner when it comes to digital art work.

Made this in Illustrator. Rey, Princess Leia, and Padme as the Powerpuff Girls.
Shameless plug, it’s for sale here:
sunfrog .com/Manstrations/Characters


Might as well post this in here… messed around with a drawling when i was younger