The Meathead Art Thread

Is that top pic the Loc-nar?

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! And you are giving your youngest shit about art school?

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lol …nope, but now I have the urge to listen to the soundtrack of the movie.

I havent actively been giving him shit for the record.


Ok @ChickenLittle here a work in progress my youngest is currently working on.


Good stuff indeed.


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He has got some mad skills!!!

Now as long as he can make $$ from it …ill be happy.

This is amazing, must have been hard in oils!!!

There are many more opportunities now, than there was when we were young. He’ll be fine!

Thank you. I painted it for my Aunt. She is the original Elvis fan…lol

You are very talented. I will leave my amatuer art in my log where it belongs!

No! That’s the wonderful thing about art! It is perfect! Your paintings are beautiful! No reason to hide them. Art is an expression, there is no right or wrong.
Bob Ross made a good living by making “happy little accidents”

Thank you, I just dont have the confidence!

Silly woman!

@ChickenLittle @The_Mighty_Stu another recent pic from the youngest… wouldnt you know it was a tattoo design for a guy at his summer job. Dropping him off at his Art college today.


only way to make money as an artist is thru commission furry porn.


Very nice! I am pretty sure he won’t be living in a van!

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Implying there is something wrong with living in a VAN down by the RIVER

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