The Best Hamburger!

I just had the Best Hamburger ! Get ready:
Peanut Butter and Sour Plum Jelly Med Rare on Whole wheat bread. YUM Try it!

You’ve gotta be kidding me!

Man, I’m gonna puke! Are you pregnant?

Hey mclar, I think Tapper is pregnant :wink:

I was skeptical at first. My friend insited I try it. So I did. It was the BOMB! I had it at this restaurant called MO’s in Los Angeles.

Hyok, if he were pregnant, where’s the g-damn pickles?!!!

Sounds more like a turdburger to me.

sounds like you’ve been on low carbs for WAY too long! that’s ok, when I’m on low carbs I actually like circus peanuts

That sounds so bad. The best hamburger is In and Out burgers. Anyone from So Cal know what I’m taking about.

I have In and out many times and its a different kind of burger yeah there the best normal burgers! Im telling you guys this burger is the bomb! I WAS SKEPTTICAL but then it just dominated me! Go to MO’s restaurant in So cal and order the FOGGY BOTTOM, hell you won’t know until you try!

Okay, okay! I’ll give it a try the next time I’m in LA. But if I wanted to make it myself, where the hell would I get sour plum jelly? Is that what the Japanese call “ume boshi,” pickled sour plums? My wife, who is Japanese (I am not), got some from her mom, in the mail. She loves it on rice–I never developed a taste for it.

Here’s how Its made, A nice big Whole Wheat bun toasted, about 10oz Patty use high quality beef like, London broil, or sirloin, ground, A all natural creamy PB, Heated slightly so it melts but still stays clumpy, pour it over the meat so its gushing all over then slopp on the Sour Plum Jelly. Enjoy just dig in it gets messy.

Jerry, the best burger in SoCal is Fatburger, hands down. I usually get mine at the Fatburger on the corner of La Cieniga and Wilshire next to the auto repair shop. The kitchen staff hate the customers and the burger is incredible. In&Out can’t compare. I don’t think I’m spiritually ready to try the Foggy Bottom yet, thanks.

Try this:

Ground beef mixed with crunchy peanut butter inside a wheat tortilla. Then dab the green tabasco in it while you eat this kick ass wrap!

note: If you want to get gourmet also mix in jasmine rice by Uncle Ben's.(similar to a thai peanut beef wrap)

Tapper… I’m really intrigued by this concoction… I went to the store to get the ingredients and… no sour plum jelly to be found! I called all over the city and even got on Yahoo and searched high and low but can’t find any place to order it. Do you know where I can find it, or do you know if there is anything to use as a substitute? I might just have to try it with some grape jelley an it… although I’m not sure how it would taste… And I’ve got some KY jelley… maybe that’d do the trick…

I think grape jelly would be to sweet. I don’t know where the restaurant got their sour plum jelly. Did you try the whole foods type stores? Try it with plum Jelly, or go get your favorite kind. Enjoy it and let me know how it was.

You know what, Tapper, I’m really beginning to think that the sour plum jelly is probably Japanese ume boshi. Any Japanese specialty grocery would carry it. Usually, it is sold in the whole pickled form, but the fruit is quite soft and you can make your own jelly very easily by pitting them. It tastes a bit salty, but very sour and sweet at the same time–mostly sour. It is pickled with salt and sugar, and the leaf of red sesame is added to impart a pinkish-purple color. Does that sound like it, Tapper?

Friggin’ California freaks. Whatever happened to a fucking medium rare cheeseburger washed down with a nice lager at the local pub?
Sour plum jelly my ass

The medium-rare burgers went the way of the E. Coli :slight_smile:

Freedom–I agree. Forget all of this peanut butter and jelly shit. I ate that when I was 5. Give me a good medium rare burger or even better, a good rare steak. Get quality meat for a quality butcher and you don’t really have to worry about E Coli.