The Best BCAA suplement?

is The BCAA supplement by Protein Factory stomachable? on a comparison, is it drinkable like chalk or is it as terrible as hydrolyzed Whey protein…

The Reason i ask is it is A)in powdered form (i prefer this over pill poppin)
and B) It is $32 for a pound of it (450 grams) while with glutacene for $90-$100 you get 1000 grams BUT only 1/2 or so are BCAAs
Any help would be greatly appreciated

I have the BCAA’s from Protein factory, they taste awfull, but then again taste doesn’t matter does it? They are however high quality.

so how would They rate compared to other supplement… if you have ever tried straight hydrolyzed protein (like from kaizen) it is the most notious stuff and it makes me gag… if the BCAAs taste a bit better then i probably will buy them

They taste just as bad as the hydrozlyed whey protein

I bought some bulk powdered glutamine, leucine, iso-leucine, and valine from kilosports. I mix them up in the ratio of 2:2:1:1, respectively, and add sugar free Country Time lemonade mix for flavoring. The taste is surprisingly good.

Dr. Serrano and Charles Poliquin have always said a great way to tell if you have a high quality BCAA supplement is to break open the tablet and taste it (or let it start disolving in your mouth). The taste should be awful–very bitter. Anything that tastes anything but awful is of low quality.

I can’t help you with the taste of this product except to say that BCAA, arginine, and a number of other aminos taste horrible. Arginine and L-Isoleucine in particular are quite nasty. GlutaCene tastes awesome. The new formula that is produced by PRD is sugar fee, has no licorice root, and according to Dr. Serrano has half of the aspartame of the original formula.

I think your best bet is to stick with GlutaCene. It’s a sure thing and now they added more BCAA’s. I’m using the orange flavor.

I spoke to Dr. Serrano about 3 weeks ago and he was telling me about the new glutacene that he reformulated for PRD. AGI is out of business. He said that he took out all of the sugar (SUGAR FREE) and produced the exact ratios to optimize the protein sparing effects of the formula. He now has it at well I don’t hink I’m to let it out of the bag. But the ratios of the BCAA’s among themselves are equally as important as the BCAA’s to Glutamine. Before I thought that the only thing that was important was to get a lot of BCAA/Glutamine. According to Dr. Serrano that’s not the case.

I finnaly got the new formula last Saturday and it’s even better then the first one. They sent me a bunch of samples of the orange and it’s the bomb. Has anyone else tried the new stuff?

What does prd stand for.

Hey guys, in a month or two this discussion should be moot since Biotest will rule the post-workout recovery world :-)Insert Evil Laughter Here!

Here is a Post Workout Recovery Drink(Potion) I have had good results with. I take a quality Weight Gainer(N-LargeII) and mix in the following:1. Extra salt 2. 5-10g BCAA’s 3. Open up some multi-vitamin capsules and mix them in. 4. Open up a capsule of Glucosamine Sulfate and mix it in. Try this and tell me what you guys think.

I’ve heard great things about Beverly International BCAA’s…Just my two cents.

ok 3 things 1)i dont know what prd is… what is it 2)i bought the bcaas from proteinfactory and am gonna try mixxing them wiht the country time lemonade 3) john berardi’s response confuses me because i was never even considering bcaa’s for my post work out shake… i am gonna use them before and/ or during my workout as Poliquin suggested to a guy to help gain muscle

Advanced Genetics has been out of business for more then 6 months. Dr. Serrano told me that they’ve been selling off whatever product they’ve had left. I’ve got a buddy who had been buying their MRP and on his last and final order got whey protein packed with the MRP label and a different label toboot.

PRD is the new company that Dr. Serrano is working with. I think it stands for Premier Research something. If anybody is interested I’ll get the rest of the info on it.

Anyhow, the new formula is HOT. I like the old one but his one is even better. Everyone keeps talking about more and more BCAA and Glutamine but people need to realize that more isn’t always better and that there is a synegistic relationship between all of these aminos. I didn’t think so either but there definately is.

I alternate my workouts between heavy, low reps, and little rest one week to moderate and higher reps. So one week heavy and the next moderate. I’m always sore for a couple of days after the heavy session. The only thing I’ve done differently is use the new GlutaCene formula and I swear I have no soreness whatsoever the days after my heavy sessions. It has everything to do with the proper ratios of the aminos in question.

I think we can trust what Poliquin, Staley, and Dr. Serrano have been saying all along about this product.

If anyone else has tried the new formula let me know how it’s worked.

To clarify my post, although “charles says so”, there in no evidence that BCAA’s during a workout or before improve lifting performance or muscle mass. My lab mate (Eric from the fat roundtable article) did his masters thesis on BCAAs and is very well up on the BCAA lit also. As far as charles’ recommendations, there is no support whatsoever. Im not saying it wont work, but without evidence it is merely theoretical. And alot of theoretical stuff doesnt pan out. Now, much BCAA evidence does indicate BCAA’s supreme utility for the recovery of postworkout protein synthesis. That’s where BCAAs are best suited! And that’s where they will be. If you want to know more about the supplement, there is another post on here about what Ive been up to.