Testosterone Magnificent Seven

Hey TC, nice piece. That’s big business at work, trying to muscle out the competition. AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN! Tell us, if the Magnificent Seven (OK, actually eight!) were to ride off and lynch the bad guys, just where would you be wanting to ride to? Perhaps at least an address? We can figure out the rest. Surely you can steer us just a little bit more, so that your faithful ‘family’ can do the right thing and look out for ‘our own’. If we can’t whip out our pistols or body slams, we can use our consumer clout to vote with our wallets, or absence, therof. I don’t think I would want to support a company behind such a dirty deed. - Who’s with me? - Nylo

Nylo, I’m down. Count me in.

I’m in, let’s boycott the bastards.

Give me enough of a hint to figure out who they are and I won’t buy them or suggest them to the people I help. Biotest is doing more for the “bodybuilder” than any other company.

Count me in!

Hey you guys. Like we say here in my country Colombia. Pateales el culo!! You run a great site, your products are also great I had the opportunity to try them on a recent visit to the U.S.A.

The other company is probably Analbolic Exageration/Syntrax.

Let the smell of their spilling blood fill our flared nostrils, as it trails down our pole-axes impaling their eviscerated bodies. Set their heads upon the gateposts, so that all who enter may learn from their folly. Let us rend their limbs and scatter them to the corners of the continent, so that they may never be rejoined. Let us not rest until the earth is rid of their ilk, or die in the attempt. It is a good day to die.

Wow, just had a Klingon moment there. I’m back now. Sorry for that.

I’m a team player,I’m on board.

Hey guys, we appreciate the support, big-time, but the lawyer types tell us that we should keep a lid on this for the time being. Thanks!

I know what you’re saying about the lawyers, the only way we can keep from buying the company’s stuff that is suing is just to stick with Biotest, then the other companies will see how to run it, and we might find a few more places like t-mag/Biotest

Hello TC, thanks for coming out to the forum to say Hey. We’re behind you guys 100%! I figured the lawyers would have you keeping mum. That’s why I was being a bit obtuse. Surely, there’s some information you can pass along to give us a hint. We’ve already figured out that one of the companies is MuscleTerd. I don’t buy any of their mess anyway. - Nylo