Testament to T-Mag

I’ve been lifting since high school but I never really got the results that I was looking for. I was a wrestler and played football so during the year I would eat and lift, then I would cut weight and lose any gains I had. I went to a small school and we had 3 benches, about 250lbs in plates, some mismatched dumbbells, and no squat rack. In our programs the coaches weren’t the most educated etc.

In college I got a little bit more serious about things but I wasn’t pleased with my results. Then I found this website. I lurked and read article after article on fitness, nutrition and everything. Finally it started to click. I was doing everything wrong in my approach.

I was one of those guys who didn’t deadlift, squat much. My name is Jeremy and I curled in the squat rack, but not anymore. My diet was all wrong, like most I cut out a lot of fat thinking it was all bad. I didn’t take in enough protein etc.

Finally after all the reading, working on my nutrition, and using the excellent supps on this site, I’m finally making the gains I’m looking for. In the last year and a half my squat jumped from 140 → 250. My deads which was my weak point is close to 250 now too. Which isn’t much compared to the other beasts on this site, but it’s good for me (5’6,165). My lifts for everything have continued to increase and it’s awesome.

Without the knowledge from T-mag contributors and members, I would still be doing everything wrong and wondering why I’m not making gains. This place is great and I know that I’m not the only one who feels this way.