Test Question for Bill Roberts

Brock pointed out that test phenyl-prop. is not the same as test proponiate - it is not as quick acting. How would this effect the 2/4 cycle and how would you take the test phenyl-prop in a 2/4 cycle , dose heavily in the first week and then stay clear on 2nd week, and just take orals ?. Help appreciated.

I’m not sure on this one. I’ve seen it
claimed that testosterone phenylpropionate
has a moderately short half life, shorter
than enanthate. I haven’t seen that in
any authoritative source (might be out
there though.) However, it’s a reasonable
guess based on structure that it ought
to be a day or two shorter than enanthate.

In that case, maybe up to a gram on day 1,
and could maybe supplement with 200 mg
on day 4: nothing after that.