After four tanning sessions ended just fine, I developed a severe case of urticaria/dermatitis on my chest, belly and back - limbs are not affected. Nothing changed in my diet, hygiene or supplement regimen nd the first three sessions ended without any problems whatsoever. Did anybody else have an experience like this one or am I the only one whose middle name should be Lucky?

Interesting! I got a mild case on my belly last time I went to a tanning booth. I think it might have been the “tan accelerator” they sold me, but I am not sure.In any case, I have stopped the tanning bed and now use Neutrogena foaming fake tan stuff and have been asked if I have been on vacation because I have such a great tan LOL!

I am taking astemizole for this and it got better. Btw. no accelerators here, just tanning bed, myself and a rash afterwards… :frowning:

Skin Cancer, anyone?