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Okay, I admit it… I’m ADDICTED… …to Diet Coke!!! I’m sure almost every single T-man out there has a similar habit/vice that they’re slightly embarrased of. Personally, I can’t function normally without a litre of the stuff per day, minimum! How about the rest of us?

Brock uses Buff Puffs - heh heh. Gotta get that nice rich lather. :slight_smile:

Yup, same here. I don’t go for it’s caffine content; it’s laughable when compared to what one gets with a single caffine pill. Instead, I drink it because it fills me up and tames my carb cravings.

I, too am addicted to Diet Coke. And air conditioning. And sheets with a thread count over 250 per square inch. (How’s THAT for being more pathetic than TC’s buff puff fetish, Ironbabe :slight_smile: )?

Nice sheets are a must - fresh linins just out of the dryer are my favorite. I’d say that’s not too bad, as long as your sheets don’t have little pink roses on them :slight_smile:

My vice is Penguin caffeinated peppermints.

My vice is a pre-bedtime doobie… I’m not embarrassed about it, but it’s not the kind of thing that I go around telling everyone. It helps me wind down after a hard day’s training and whatever else, and gets me to bed just right.

I am a slave to sweetened iced tea no lemon. I grew up in Maryland but after I moved to Tennessee, I discovered sweet tea and now I’m in love with the stuff. In a non sexual way of course :wink:

Donuts!! That fucking Dunkin Donuts gets me every damn time!!!

phenomenon - where in Tenn? I’m in the Murfreesboro area. Sweetened tea is awesome. Thank God for artificial sweeteners.

Clean socks. I probably change my socks at least twice a day. Actually every time I take my socks off I put on a fresh pair next time I put shoes on or go out. I also drink a lot of diet soda. I get tired of people asking me why I drink it and isn’t it gross, but im really used to the flavor. I get tired of telling them why.

mine is raison bran (laugh all you want) I love the damn stuff, it is soooooo f&$%# good

i have 2 vices. one, well it is the same as HardcoreMF0311’s… the other is always wearing my left sock inside-out. i started doing it in when i played football in HS. i think all athletes are a little suppersticious. i don’t really do it too much anymore, but if there is sometype of compition…the sock gets turned.

You don’t even wanna know…

“MB Eric: You do the willing and he’ll do the thrilling since 1704.”


Well, I gotta have a glass of wine at the end of a shitty day at work, and the big guy has pink lifting straps! He’s not really embarassed about it though, he struts around the gym with them hanging from his wrists just hoping someone will say something (they don’t)He says pink is his his favorite color and his manhood is not threatened by pink. LMAO! thats why I love him.

Watermelon-Stawberry crystal light and extra sugar free cherry gum. While dieting the last four weeks I have seen more of these two products than a rainbow trout does mepps 3 spinners on the morning of opening season. However, they have helped me get to roughly 6% bodyfat, according to the tell tale bodpod!

Peanuts and peanut butter. A Girl - pink lifting straps? if he’s got the balls to use them, no wonder no one gives him a hard time.

diet Pepsi…and peanut butter, try Baskin and Robbins’ Peanut butter-chocolate ice cream, damn!

Hyphnz, I guess one of his old straps broke one day, and pink straps was all they had let in the case at the gym so he said f**k and bought them. They are kind of a dirty pink now, and I’m the only one who gives him shit about them. I tell him I wouldn’t be caught dead in pink straps-he just grins.

Crystal Light (by the gallon), Extra Sugar-Free Polar Ice and Kroger Brand Calorie-Free Flavored Water. None of them seem to cause any adverse effects.