T2 with Dorians T5

I was thinking of using Dorian Yates T-5 product with T-2, I can not get Md-6 up here in Canada. Has anyone tried T-5, any comments, is it a good idea, I don’t want to use ephedrine.

You can get MD6 from Renegade in Canada! I think the same guy who helped develop MD6, helped with T-5? That’s why they are so similar.

Renegade is all out of MD-6 . So I am curious if Dorian’s T-5 is also a good product with T2?

My bad. I got my MD6 from renegade about a month ago. However, I do have a bottle of the first formula for T-5, the one before they reformulated due to the restrictions on L-ppa. As I said, I was told that the original formula was assisted by a Biotest contributer(I forget which one). I have no idea how well it stacks with T2 but it is a good thermogenic (I’m speaking of the original formula). I’ll give you the ingredients so you’ll be able to compare.
Pro-xanth 350 mg (it’s synephine, L-ppa, and coryanthe)
Mukul extract (10% guggulsterones) 125mg
Naringin 125 mg
iodinated amino acid complex 100mg
caffeine 35mg
bioperine 5mg

AA – have you checked out the ingredient list? It looks like a viable product with the exception of the addition of synephrine which while being marketed as the side-effect free cousin of ephedrine is not only not productive to fat loss – it is counterproductive since it causes vasoconstriction from alpha receptor stimulation. As I mentioned in another post stimulation of alpha receptors promotes fat gain contrary to stimulation of beta receptors (ie ephedrines promotion of norepinephrine secretion and subsequent binding) which promotes fat loss

I can buy MD-6 at stores in the Halifax Reginal area. I’ve seen a few stores that sell it.

Minutes ago, I bought some MD6 on the west side of the Greater Toronto Area. Seems its pretty easy to come by, despite any problems customs may have with it.

HighwayJack where on the west side GTA??? I live out in mississauga and I have never heard of a place that sells it. MuscleMag in Hamilton told me that their shipment was taken at the border. Can you drop some hints on where I could get it?

BeaR, try a little nutrition place in the plaza north of the QEW at Dorval, down from the LCBO. You’ll be all set.

You can get MD6 at LifeandSport, I got mine a week ago, they still had some left. It is a Canadian site.

I have not tried T-5 but I’ve tried adipokinetex (also norephedrine ) and I prefer the old MD6 ( feel less burnt out ) .Hey Thunder , got any references regarding your post on synephrine that I can check out .