T2, Methoxy-7 and Grow

I’ve been on Mag-10 for a week and a half now and my max bench has went up 20 lbs from 230lbs to 250lbs, does that sound crazy? Well it really happened and I went crazy when I saw significant increases in strength in my upper body as a whole. But now I want to cut up.
I plan on purchasing these three supplements. I’ve been on a strict meal plan for muscle mass but now I want to shred most the fat. With T2, Methoxy-7, Grow, exercise five times a week, and the right meal plan, how can I benefit the most from this. Your response is greatly appreciated.

the only advice i can give is just something i kind of go by, and that is to take a couple weeks after you hit a prosteroid like mag-10 and use it to “stabilize” your muscle mass so to speak. it seems if i jump right back into a fat burning mode immediately after i come off a bulk cycle, i lose more muscle than i would if i wait a little bit between phases and let my body get used to the newly acquired muscle. it sounds like you’re definitely on the right track with your t2, methoxy7, and grow, but you also might want to throw in some tribex and/or M immediately following the mag-10 to increse your chances of holding onto your gains. as for benefiting the most from your 3 supps you mentioned, simply use the t2 and m7 as directed on the label and the grow to help meet your nutritional needs.

Would it not be just as effective to, instead of using the T2 right now, bump up the M7 to 3 times per day and use the Tribex/M cycle. Use this while doing more cardio, and higher reps in your workout. The Tribex should be just what you need to cycle off the Mag-10 and the Methoxy 7 should hepl you preserve lean muscle mass. If you do this, you should lose the bpdy fat and preserve the lean muscle… Just a guess…