T-vixen' experience with Tribex

Any of you T-vixens that have use Tribex what were you experiences while using it? What dosages where you using, and what were the good and bad side effects you noticed? Did it affect your period any? I ask this because my girlfriend is interested in trying it and wants to get some information on what to expect. Thanks for you help in making another T-vixen reach her goals :slight_smile:

I haven’t taken Tribex, but I took a tribulus/alpha lipoic acid/pumpkin seed extract combo, (500 mg trib)2X daily. I noticed a marked increase in energy levels and endurance. Eliminated or greatly reduced most PMS symptoms, didn’t affect cycle because it will actually balance hormone levels. I went off of it after about 1 month after its effects became less noticable, and went back on after another month, and noticed the beneficial effects returning. It’s something I think any woman who wants to add an edge to her training should try.