T-men, help!!!

I have 16 weeks ahead in the spring and summer to shape my body. To get bigger but not fatty and aaaghhh… have a great body.

If you eat right and workout, how much muscle should i be able to gain within 16 weeks?
Btw, i start with 5’6 and 140 lbs.

I measure my biceps regularly. How much gain in size in my biceps should i expect every 2 (or 3 weeks… i don’t know)? I am expecting muscle and not fat.

I am not going to bother using a scale since it’s not accurate anyway.


How old are you, bud? Have you been working out for a while, or are you just starting? If you have been working out for a while, you probably will not notice any measurable size on your arms in just a few months. It might take me a year of heavy lifting just to add a half inch to mine. Now if you are new to weight lifting, your first few months should spur an impressive looking growth spurt. Actually, I’ve heard that it isn’t really growth, but rather all that fatty tissue inside your muscles being squeezed out to the outside of your arms where it is more noticable. I’m not sure about that. It sounds rather hokey to me, but that would explain why so many new people in the gym notice such quick growth in their first couple of months. If you are working out hard, eating right, and getting plenty of sleep, a half inch of growth a year isn’t bad. Say if your arms right now measured 14 inches in diameter. If you workout hard, in about 5 years they’d be up to 16.5 inches, and in another 5 years they’d be at 19 inches. That would definitely impress everyone you know! Hope this helps. Don’t get discouraged, though. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle change, not just something someone would do for 6 weeks or so. Good luck!

You need to do some research on the site. Use the sites search engine and type in beginner workout, the Dawg School column will hook you you up with a great beginner workout. Good Luck. And remember diet. Type in Diet Manifesto on the search engine and a whole list of mass diets will pop up. Oh, and I know you want to know how much you can gain, but NO ONE CAN TELL YOU THAT, it is truly different for everyone. You should be able to pile on some quality mass if you institute enough calories and start a solid lifting program…now what the hell are you still reading for, GET RESEARCHING!

Do what the first two guys said. Know this though, your triceps (back of your arms) are 2/3 of your arm. If you want big arms, work your tris hard too. Also, I you get big arms and have a straight back and chicken legs, everyone and I mean EVERYONE is going to laugh at you. Learn from experience and don’t make the mistake of only training biceps and chest for the first couple years. Good luck!