T-men Fathers

It does not take much of a man to make a child, but it takes a real man to be a father. Sometimes the situation may not be ideal, but face it, if you made a child you need to be a daddy. A real t-man would not let down a little person that needs him, so please, t-men if you are a father, make sure you are a daddy ( I suspect all t-men with kids already do). And if you know someone who is letting their child down, tell them to grow up, be a man, and live up to their responsibility as a father. That child needs them more than anyone else. Just needed to rant.

Agree 110%. Seems you have a situation that triggered this rant. Care to share?

I have a daughter with a girl I am no longer with, this means alot of sacrifice in my life. My daughters older brother (not mine) has a father that is not around and does not pay support. I have seen what it has done to this little boy ( and I am still close to him even though she and I are not together). The sacrifices that I have had to make in my life are not easy, hell no one said they would be, but it is worth it in so many ways. My daughter is my motivation in the gym, I want to be a daddy she can be proud off. When I see these guys leaving a little kid like who needs them, it just pisses me off. He needed his father to be around from when he was a baby and he is not, that damage is irreversible, and that is time that cannot be taken back.

But you can be the male role model for this boy.

I still spend alot of time with him. Just because some asshole has let him down before, does not mean I will. I also try to be a good role model for both him and my daughter.

“A man isn’t a real man unless he spends time with his family”

Thanks for pointing out the painfully obvious. Take it to Ricki Lake where it belongs.