T-mag T-studs

T-women (or T-men who are so inclined),
So far we’ve seen a few photos of some of our T-mag writers. I’m thinking we need a “T-stud” calendar! My personal pick of photos for Mr. July 2001 is the B & W of Mr. JMB that accompanied his recent article. If I were still in high school, I’d tape that photo in my locker!

Nate Dogg? you wrote this!

Uhhh…I know I shouldn’t ask, in this current environment of gay acceptance on this forum, but you are a girl, right? Actually I don’t care if you are a guy. Gays are fine by me. I even support gay marriages. It’s only fair. I would never march in gay parades though…:wink:

I could handle seeing John’s pic for a month. :slight_smile:

I think I know a few t-men I wouldn’t mind staring at daily!!! grin

Just so long as we get a T-Vixen calendar to go along with it. Ironbabe, Michelle, and the rest of you, c’mon now! You know you’re holding out on us!

As president of the John M. Berardi Fan Club, I warn all of you that unauthorized selling of photos of Mr. Berardi will not be tolerated. On the other hand, if you want to join the fan club, bring your $20 and a meaty sandwich to the Testosterone booth either this coming October in Vegas or March in Columbus at the Arnold Classic and enroll. With each membership will be a free photo op with Mr. Berardi; who is on whose lap is up to you.

LOL! Poopy Pants, you think I would write that? I’m not gay!!! What the hell would I want photos of JB for? I’d rather look at some of the women out of Gallery and Penthouse. Or just see the girl I’m currently involved with rather than some guy! Nothing against JB, he’s done a great job, but I have no desire to see him or any other dude! You tried me like a free sample! LMAO!

Actually, it’s yes to both questons: I’m a girl, and I’m gay. But I swear, it’s like what Melissa Etheridge said about Brad Pitt…that photo of JB makes me want to bat for the other team. Whew!

Actually, to be honest with you, I can’t stop looking at the pic of Tim Patterson. I get so hot and bothered looking at him.

Hey, TC definitely does something for me too. How about a calender with both of them? -


This is the reason I hate watching sports with women…All they talk about is how nice the players asses are. Sort of ruins the mood of the game. lol