At first I didn’t want to post cuz I didn’t want to offend anyone or sound like a little flamer. But here goes…every since I came across the forum–actually a while after I discovered T-mag–I have found a bunch of new pals, a place to chill and a plethora of knowledge, laughs and goofy shit. I just find it amazing that guys like Shoogs, Bill Roberts, JB (my man!), Cy-Dog, John Koenig, even TC, and all the other T-mag guys, actually take the time to answer questions and interact with us. I know we’re all T-Men, but that’s just damn cool in my opinion.

As for my T-Bros...well, I've yet to really cross paths with anyone. You've got some fellas on here that seem to be around spreading the T all the time like Hyok, Hya, Maclar, whopper, A Girl, Bodz, NK (the Natural Killah), Goldberg, JRR, JRC, all the other J-Dudes, Akcita, Racer, all the Mikes and Steves, Jim Ellis (that crazy SOB), Bob Kennedy (the Preacha), Rafael, Free, all the Mikes...seriously the list goes on and on, and I appreciate everyone one of youze!

I would like to send a special hollah out to my boy Nate Hot Dogg–he’s one kick-ass T-bro–and John U–the guy’s a pool knowledge, not to mention LBM–and TeddyKGB–where is my at these days??? Just keep up the great work guys and gals. I really enjoy hittin’ the forum and shootin’ the shit and talkin’ shop with you!