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Brock, Bill, Cy, Chris, Tim, TC, etc. Just wondering if you guys train together and help each other with diet and training or do you all do your own thing most of the time(I’m sure you’re all busy and have conflicting schedules). What are your training goals? Do you guys push each other? Who are the real guru’s within your group with diet/training/supplementation? Have you ever had any friendly competitions amongst yourselves or is it unspoken competition? I’m just trying to envision you guys and what kind of dynamics make you click. Thanks

Our opportunities to train together are very limited, due to our living in different parts of the world. I know Chris and TC have trained together, and Cy worked out with Chris during their Mexico trip recently. During last spring’s Arnold Classic trip one of my highlights was working out with Steve and John Berardi and Cy Willson. We had a great time in the gym; one learns important things about others in that situation, in my opinion. The odd thing is, most of the time when we’re at shows together we work so many hours, that we’re too tired at night to do much but go out and see how much food we can consume! I guess that’s competition of a type, isn’t it? However, many of us talk to each other often via email or the phone, and compare notes all the time about nutrition and training.

I live in Florida, not near anyone else
on the staff. Tim and I talk about training
often though – he always seems interested
in what I’m doing, which is often stuff that
is unusual, trying out various ideas; and I’ve often profited
from his advice.

Buffets must fear the T-Mag staff =)

Bill Roberts…whate city in florida do you reside in…i live in orlando and would love to hit the gym with you one day.

I’m in Gainesville.

Hey Bill, my dad lives in lake city. I think Nate Dogg lives in Gainsville, or at least around there. Maybe I’ll have to look you up next time I’m down there