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Here’s the deal: I wrote and submitted an article to TC about using diet and training to help avoid jetlag. I know that probably not too many readers have to deal with it as often as I do living way the hell out here, but I like being able to apply the lessons and discipline I’ve gotten from lifting weights to other areas of my life. Anyway, TC read it and said that he basically liked it, but that he was worried that it wouldn’t fit in with the whole T-Mag concept. So I asked if we could get a second opinion, so to speak, and appeal to the Forum. He said sure. So here I am.

I figure that if at least 25 people respond to this and say that they would be interested in reading the article, it would be a pretty strong endorsement (not that TC's promised to run the thing even then). Alternatively, if people wrote in saying that they wouldn't want to see it, that would proof of a different sort.

Personally, I’d love to be able to say that I’ve had something published in T-mag, and I thought I’d ride the current wave of good feeling that came out of the “ass” threads. (The jetlag diet article is not as funny as the ass stuff, in case you’re wondering.) So how about it folks? What do you think?

Char-dawg…you know I’m all about signing in favor of your petition! After all, since you’ve become my man Char-dawg we’ve seen a whole new side of ya. I may not be a big traveller, but I strongly support you and your efforts–and I understand your motivation–and would love to see what you’ve put together:-) BTW, I’ve been meaning to jump into one of your guys’ ass posts…but I’ll save it for now:-)

Konnichi wa, char-dog son, Great Question! I hope somone on the Board
has an effective answer!

run it-it sounds cool

I’d be interested in seeing it. Why doesn’t TC run it in addition to everything, if he has some doubts about it? Frankly, I read the weekly issue in about an hour or so on a Friday afternoon. One more article won’t make a difference, especially if I could possibly learn something from it. Gambatte ne.

I may not travel much but sure, I’d be interested in it. I ‘m going on my honeymoon in February and that is NOT a time when I’m gonna be wantin’ to have getlag. I would be most interested in the diet portion.good luck, hope you get published!

I’d love to see the article. I sometimes travel for business.

jet lag’s a bitch. Run it

Does your article add anything to using melatonin? I’ve used this for years and jet-lag is rarrely a problem any more?

Sounds like a go-er. I’d like to read it.

char-dawg, after seeing the funny shit you posted on our ass thread, I gotta support ya. You’ve got talent bro, don’t just waste it with one article (hell, why not write a glute training article :p) TC, if you didn’t see what char-dawg wrote on that thread, you’re missing out on some entertainment.

Forget jet lag! Do one on “How to get your damn luggage flown to the right fucking state!”
You know, the same state you happen to be going to.

honestly that article doesn’t pertain to me in the least and I’d still like to see it run. Why it’s different and I’m sure it could help a few people out, on top of that I think it would be cool if every few weeks T-mag posted an article written by people on the board.

Char-dog the Dozer gives you a big thumbs up


Id like to see it. iv done alot of traveling, and am going to travel alot more eventually. Iv always hated jetlag, and have my own ways around it, but id like some other people’s input on it too.

I do a shit load of traveling for business.
I definitely would find such an article
worth a read. TC should run it. The three most
important things I’ve found are drink lots
of water to stay hydrated; try to stay on a
consistant schedule; and take melatonin to
adjust your wake-sleep patterns. If the
article has a lot more tips than that, I would
definitely appreciate it.

Memo to TC: not all of us T-dudes hang around
the gym all day. I bet A LOT of T-mag readers
are professionals who have to do a lot of
traveling. I actually think it fits right in
with the theme of T-mag: providing no bullshit
real world info on how to improve (or maintain) ones physique.

Fellow T-Brothers, I am feeling the luuuuv! Brings a glistening speck to my eye…

Timbo, you know you’re the main man in the name game. Keep it up! And anytime you want to join in the fanny fun, feel free.

Hyok, I feel exactly the same way. It doesn’t take that long to read T-mag each week, and while I think the staffers are dead-on with the basic idea, I’d like to see some other stuff now and again. It’s not like it’s a paper mag, where each extra page costs a butt-load more money.

Scott and Free: My article does not mention melanin. If TC decides to run it, maybe you guys can add your melanin expertise/experiences on a subsequent board post and we can make it even more effective.

Styles: much as I could add to the laughably primitive current state of glute training, I have taken a vow of secrecy in this area. The other Assmasters Emeritus would hunt me down and execute me were I to violate it. However, I may receive special dispensation from Ass Council absolving me of my vow in the near future. If this happens, I promise to make the training secrets that have made my ass world-renowned available to everyone.

To everyone else: even if TC never runs the article, I can send it to whomever's interested. Let's give it a little more time and see what happens. 14 thumbs-up and counting!

I’m putting both my thumbs up and my big toes…! I’m a pilot and will more than likely start cruising across many time-zones in a short space of time in the near future. So, I say run it! Cheers.

I like the sound of it. Id REALLY like something on how to train/eat/supplement for a lift generally or after a hangerover or to just detox for my more mortal friends (so far Im aware of antioxidants, fluids and daily light cardio with regular weights and saunas). I would love to have a plan to help the increasing number of morons around me abusing crap from pot to alcohol to coke and feel better and cleanse their systems after years of poor treatment and encourage them to live clean.

No I wouldn’t care to see it.