T-Level Results

I just got my T levels checked, and the results are less than impressive. They are as follows.
Total T=401ng/ml NR=270-1170 ng/ml
Free T=12.1 NR=12-70 ng/ml
SHBG= 38.4nmol/L NR=13-71nmol/L
like I said, not very impressive. My question is, would a combination of Tribex and Vitex or “M” get my levels up enough, or would something more potent be needed? Any advice would be much appreciated. Steve

Just bumping this up


I have low T and Tribex does the trick for me. Actually, I can’t get Tribex here so I take Tribulus (I once tried adding Avena Sativa and got even better results). If you’re doing this long term, you will need to find a low enough dosage (so as not to drain your wallet) to take while keeping your levels medium-high. I also take Saw Palmetto… I feel it makes a difference. Vitex didn’t seem to make much of a difference compared to the Tribulus for me.

Thanks for the info. Much appreciated.