T Cypionate Concentration

Hi T-Folk,

I feel like a dick having to ask this, 'cos it seems like such a noob question… but I’ve searched so damned much!!!

What is the usual mg/ml concentration of Testosterone Cypionate?

From the couple of pics I’ve found I’ve seen 200mg/ml on the label.

Can I assume this is standard accross the board? Or is it dependant on the brand/source?

(If this info is somewhere obvious and I’ve missed it, please feel free to flame me…and make sure you get creative… hehehe).


200 is usual, but some labs dose 250 and 300 without problems. higher concentrations can be achieved, but it shortens the halflives.

[quote]morbo wrote:
higher concentrations can be achieved, but it shortens the halflives.[/quote]

How so?
Michael ?Mooney the AIDS activist guy did a useful article in an old MM2K about release times and dosing intervals. Dunno where to get that info now. Said high conc. better, once a week.

The half-life will remain the same.

that depends on what you mean by halflife. if you mean the time that the hormone circulates in the body after the ester has been cleaved off, then sure i agree. however when comparing different concentrations of the same hormone at the same amount (lets say 100mg/ml cyp vs 300mg/ml cyp, 3 ml of the 100mg/ml and 1ml of the 300mg/ml) the 100mg/ml will release slower from the oil than the 300mg/ml. this is because the higher concentration has less oil for mg of the hormone to hold it in solution. basically, the higher the concentration, the faster it is released from the oil. this will lead to a steeper distribution curve and will require more frequent injects. this is ok if you don’t mind shooting every other day as some do, but for those who inject every week (still assuming cyp), they should definately stay away from mixes above 250-300. any concentrations below this are fine, but as the concentration goes over, the release is sped up.

Most people who use higher concentrations of test do so because they are using a lot of test. For them, using test dosed at 100mg/ml, means ed. injections of one or two cc anyway. Most people would rather instead get there cyp doesed higher mg-ml so as to avoid the amout of volume needed to be injected.