Surge used for lacking body parts?

Could Surge be taken to help lacking body parts (legs) catch up with the rest of the body by just using it on the days that body part is lifted? Would it still be effective since it would only be used one and at the most two times a week? Would the Surge act directly on those muscles worked, or would it spread itself throughout the entire body?

You know, you’re probably on to something Tim. I really think that Surge is best used as an all around recovery drink for whole body protein balance, however, if you are content to use it only after workouts it may preferentially replace muscle glycogen in that muscle group in order to increase fullness of that muscle. I dont have any data on this and it is just speculation since the overall anabolic/catabolic response measured in the lab is probably on the whole body level. So taking it sometimes is better than never. If you experiment with this only on lagging body part days, please let me know your results.