Surge Use Options

In order to stretch the life of a bottle of Surge, and help reduce the cost, I was thinking of using it only on days when I work larger muscle groups (legs, chest, back) since they typically take longer to recover. Opinions?

I remember JB or someone saying that since your muscle are always recovering from the day before… it would still be beneficial to use it everytime… i dunno the stuff is expensive

Okay, how many scoops do you use when you use it? If using 2 scoops, that costs you $3.33!! Oh my God!! That’ll leave a dent in your bank account!!

To anyone who says Surge is expensive, compare the price of Surge to the cost of what you would use instead, and I can guarantee you its not much. C’mon people, dish out that extra dollar for some quality nutrition. If you don’t, its not because you’re poor, its because you’re cheap.

Maybe I could apply for a loan from the Bank of Scott since he has unlimited funds. Tribex, Methoxy, M, AP, MRPs - all adds up. I don’t think that’s skimping on quality and being cheap. It’s not unreasonable to try and get the most out of your supplements and stretch your dollar a bit IF it doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness. Light’n up a bit.

heh, your post was funny. Ok, first thing you should do is eliminate Methoxy if you’re strapped for cash. That stuff is really expensive and is NOT stretching your dollar at all. IMO you don’t really need Methoxy if you’re going to be using MAG-10. Using Tribex+M for off weeks and MAG-10 for on weeks is not too expensive per day. When it comes to food, I get agitated when people complain about how much money they spend on Surge, MRP’s, or AP. My point was that comparing the costs of these FOOD supplements to other foods, especially unhealthy foods, is a negligible difference. You might spend an extra $100/month eating healthy w/ MRP’s, Surge, and AP and that ain’t that much. If you can’t afford that, don’t use any supplements at all. Surge should be used after every workout unless you are going to fast and not eat at all. By the way, if you would like to apply for a loan, the annual rate is only 18.9%!!

A lot of the people on this board are college students. We don’t have 3 bucks to spend after every workout. Biotest products are expensive therefore most of us try and get the most out of our money. Are you selling Biotest products or what Scott? You may have enough money, but not all of us do. Settle down, and don’t belittle people just because they don’t have as much money as you do to throw around.

I think it’s clear that everyone wants to get the most out of their money. That’s fairly obvious. Let’s establish something again once more. Biotest products are NOT expensive relative to most other supplement products nor most food sources. I can understand if you can’t afford to buy 3 Surge for $100 because you $100 is an expensive purchase. When that $100 is strecthed over time, it’s not expensive. Here’s my suggestion. Either apply for a credit card, obtain a loan from parents or friends, or save some money. My point was that you should not spend your money on something else to save $1 for your post-workout meal nor should you use less Surge then the recommended dosage. I was not trying to belittle anyone as I am also a college student who spends his money wisely. Lastly, to Unger, I wish that I did sell Biotest supps. Maybe one day I’ll become an independent distributer… dreaming…

Wow Scott,such an insensitive bastarD! I got your point! :slight_smile:

“Either apply for a credit card”
Isn´t this one of the worst things to do if you have to reduce the cost of living ?

I think that it’s important to remember that with Surge, you’re paying more because you get a superior product. Take a look at the ingredients. First, you know you’re getting the proper ratios of the right types of protein and carbs. It isn’t like shooting from the hip with grape juice and your 800 lb. sack of Optimum whey. That’s just one example of the convenience it affords you. Second, take a look at the BCAA profile. It has leucine, isoleucine, and valine in quantities greater than what you would get in a day’s dosage of Twinlab’s Anabolic Fuel. That stuff will run you about 20-25 bucks a month, which is about 75 cents a day. Next, you have 3g of glutamine. You can buy 1000g of your own for about 50-60 bucks and then mix it own your own concoction, or just use Surge. Finally, there is the taste aspect. If you’re like me, whenever you use other brands, you have to sweeten them with Equal or else you’ll have to choke them down. Surge has sweetener included in it already (by the way, Equal is almost 20 bucks for 700 packets). Summarily, you can get great results by buying Surge, or you can spend several hours shopping for the best deals on grape juice, generic whey, BCAAs, glutamine, and sweetener-and still only get a mediocre drink. You say you’re a college student; I am too. I know I don’t always have time to shop around for all these ingredients. Maybe your best bet would be to get a job for the hours that you usually spend shopping and use it to pay for Surge. I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but I just thought I ought to put things in perspective. Good luck.

I applaud Eric. And yes, if you don’t already have a job, get one to pay for your supplements. Ten hours a week should cover it. Most college students can handle that. Best advice I can give is to get your priorities in check. If using quality supps like Biotest is up there then you have to find a way to buy them. Good luck with everything!

As a fellow college student I can sympathize, however I decided to just prioritize my spending. I work about 8 hours a week, and most of the money I make goes towards my supps. I made a decision to give up some other things which arent as important to me in order to help me with my physique goals, which are very important to me. Surge ends up being worth it, as it is quick and easy to use, same with advanced protein. Plus since I am essentially going broke to get my supps I know that I want the highest quality available. If you have to limit your usage, then that sounds like a fine plan, just done expect the same results if you used the surge like it was intended for. So to sum this all up, just decide what your priorities are and then distribute your money.

Thanks, Scott. For me, it is as simple as working the 7AM to 1PM shift at my gym every Saturday. I get a free membership and some cash for supplements. Plus, I’d probably be there training anyway, so I’m actually get paid while I’m working out. Another thing I was just thinking about is that I’d be willing to be that most of my friends spend more each week on booze and junk food than I spend on supplements each week.

Think of it this way, if you quit beer, and junk food, and buying all the other cheap things you don’t need, and buy Surge instead, you’ve probably saved a bit of cash and started turning yourself into a mean, lean mofo, instead of getting fat and unfit. I’m not saying that you waste your money, but if you are like me, you’ll find that alot of your cash gets wasted on crap.

Give up beer, pizza, going out on the town unless your friends pay. Get down to just enough clothing to do in two loads (one white, one color) to reduce laundry expenses. Wash and reuse your dental floss until it’s too frayed to be effective. Go to another person’s place to take a dump or do it at work so you don’t need to buy toilet paper. Rummage through the dumpster and get an old piece of cardboard, borrow a marking pen and make a sign begging for money. Once or twice a week wear your worst looking clothes and hang out in front of the mall with the sign and a coffee can. C’mon, aren’t you dedicated?

It’s your choice, you can either look hot and live dull…or maybe compromise a bit and still have a life. While the college age years are the best time to improve your physique, you will live for at least a year or two after college too…you can go all out with the expenditures once you get a good job with a regular paycheck.

Oh, and if you use half as much Surge it will last twice as long. Whether it will be effective or not is another thing.

Not really answering the question, but I just want to say… I just broke down today and bought my first tub of Surge. I can’t believe how good this stuff really works. When I was taking a shower after my workout… I felt totally rejuvenated. I don’t know if it was in my head or what, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to workout without this stuff anymore. Point, Biotest.

Well, I’ve just lost my job, so I may have to start the begging. And I’ll learn to juggle 10 balls while riding a ui-cycle through the town centre, maybe people will throw me some coins.