Supplements for daily workout

I’m a 61-year-old body builder and vegan. Ten years ago, I changed my lifestyle after being 150 pounds overweight and having a health scare. I’ve been trying several supplements in my daily workout to test out which one works for me. I just wanted to share the information I learned in return to help someone else who’s also striving towards a healthier lifestyle.

First off due to me being a vegan it limits certain protein powders and or supplements I can use towards my daily workouts. secondly, it has to taste good I don’t want to feel like I’m punishing myself it needs to be good for my body as well as my tastebuds. I look for a smooth non gritty texture because who wants to drink oatmeal. Third how much protein am I getting per serving.

I’ve tried several plant based protein powder orgain and kos there both a good choice but recently I tried a new protein powder from fit extend they sell through different sites amazon, ebay, so far its the best vanilla flavor out of the others I have tried it mixes to a very smooth shake it kind of taste like the op nutrition vanilla but better, i tried the garden of life vanilla and it tasted like i was eating raw vegetables in a garden yuk orgain has the peanut butter which I don’t like the fit extend organic vanilla protein powder gave me the same tingle i got from fiji water so i assumed its good for me it has more protein per serving and more servings per container for less so far this is my favorite I hope they don’t raise the price because similar products are selling for over 40 let me know which one you like.

I have questions.


Since we are on the Biotest forum, most people here like Metabolic Drive.

there’s vegan metabolic drive?

You know what I mean. Vegan wasn’t specified.

I was being serious with my question.

I couldn’t find it on the website and I wasn’t sure if vegan metabolic drive was some special release

OP is vegan and asking about supplementation to boost his diet, so I thought you were responding to that

Sorry I misunderstood.

Biotest has published many articles as to the effectiveness of veggie protein vs animal protein for building muscle.

I doubt vegan will be in the line up any time soon, but ya never know!

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Unfortunately in veg based protien powders it’s gonna be tough. Your prob gonna have to be a little more willing to compromise.
I’ve tried RAW vegan protien and it’s pretty good but you have to realize 90% of the regular protein powders out there taste like shit or are loaded with sugar or other BS.
Your best option is always gonna be whole foods if you are dead set against animal proteins.

I don’t believe you are 61, because you text like Gen Z–no punctuation. Your last paragraph was impossible to read.


That’s because it was all one sentence. That was painful.

Stopped reading at “vegan”


All I could think was, have you tried supplementing with red meat. LOL

Hot take, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with being vegan. Some people genuinely feel better without meat or have religious reasons.

OP isn’t trying to break records or pushing his views, just asking for advice on how to optimise given constraints.


Concur. I’m eating carnivore, and I don’t begrudge a vegan for the way they eat. Really, pretty much ANY nutritional protocol is better than the standard American diet.



I don’t really care what anyone eats either, it’s really a personal choice. I do get a bit triggered by posts that have no punctuation and are extremely difficult to read though.


I think huel black is the best vegan protein I’ve had. It’s a bit more like a meal replacement but has 40 G protein, tastes good, and I felt good when using it. I like vanilla the best.

Full disclosure is that I use a scoop of it added to whey protein and kefir, so I don’t use it as part of a true vegan diet. But when we have some in hand I like to through some into my protein smoothie.

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IDK if that’s a hot take or not but it shouldn’t be. I’ve actually been eating alot more vegan food lately on my cheat day of all times lol. It’s like I eat so much damn meat the other 6 days, for me it is cheating. Currently my all time favorite donuts and hot dogs are both from a little vegan diner by me. Plus I recently developed lactose intolerance so it takes all the guess work out of eating out when I go to a vegan restaurant.


Yep! The common denominator being someone is conscientious of what they ingest. That’s really all it takes sometimes to be healthier than the majority of people.

It’s why the simplest and most reliable litmus test for any poster whose “diet is in check” is “what did you eat the last few days?”