Supplements for 16 yr old diabetic

Hello im a 16 year old sophmore and i love football. Football is my best sport i play at. But Im about 6,0 almost go about 170 , and im a diabetic. For next season i want to try to get up to 180 by taking some suplements but i dont know what kind to take that wouldnt hurt my bosy since i have diabetes. I asked my doctor about taking creatine but that isnt good . So can you guys give me some ideas? thanks !

Trevor b.

Why wouldn’t it be good to take creatine? You don’t have to spike insulin levels in order to take creatine. Just add it to a protein shake…anyhow, you haven’t really provided enough information (surprise!). Stuff like: what are you eating now? How much? How do you workout? How much? At 16 no one is going to recommend for you to take any pro-hormones, so the best advice is to revamp your diet and training (calorie intake being the most important here). Also, what kind of weight do you want to gain? Is extra bodyfat going to be a problem? What position are you playing? Let us know the details, and we can help you then!

Read the Diet Manifesto article at T-mag. It’s all in what you eat, man, especially at your age. MRPs are the only supplement you need, although I don’t see why creatine would hurt. Get yourself some Grow! or Myoplex or whatever. Most docs tell teens to avoid creatine because, of course, “It’s a gateway drug to steroids.” :slight_smile:

I too am a diabetic (type I). I lifted weights back then and made good progress by eating nutritional foods (focus on adequate protein). I followed a progressive weight training routine. Consistency is the most important aspect. I have been taking creatine for 5 years. The 1st time I tried it, I gained 28 pounds in a semester, while following an HIT program. But, I would get the basics down and give it a good 6 months before introducing creatine.