Supplement Use

I’m looking into drop weight without losing alot of LM. I work out 3xweek for an hour and half doing a Cardio workout and strengh training. I’m looking into using some supplements like Power Drive and MD6. I read on here that you need to reduce the amount Power Drive if you’re using MD6. What is the best douses of Power Drive and MD6 to use when starting out using both of them ? Is there anything else I could use to help me with my weight loss goal ?

Hi Kelly,
For dosages, start on the lowest recommended dose and work your way up. For diets, look up “Diet Manifesto” by Chris Shugart in the t-mag issues.

No, you do not have to reduce MD6 dosing while using Power Drive. They stack well and PD has no caffeine or ephedra so there’s no “doubling up”. Still, if you’ve never used MD6, it’s best to start at three caps a day, at separate times, and then work your way up as need. (Or if needed, I do fine at 5 per day, although 6 is the max dosage.)

T2 is great with MD6 too. You may still be able to find it at retailers on the net. T2 Pro will be out soon anyway.

What else could help you with your goal? Uh, how about a diet plan? :wink:

Are there any noticable side effect of using both at the same time. I’ve used some Twinlabs Diet Fuel the only thing I’ve noticed with it is that it caused me to get the shakes alot.

Kelly- Using the two together won’t cause any side effects, but MD6 itself might cause some jitters for those who are sensitive to it. But the main things you’ll notice using the two together are: increased energy and focus, better workouts, and decreased cravings, especially for sweets and carbs. (Oh, and more rapid fat loss of course.)

Training cardio and weights in the same session is the shitest way to work out if you want to maintain or gain your lean mass