Supersets Workout

I am using supersets to up my current workout. Does anyone has their favorite supersets routine to share?

Supersetting has given me the best results with small muscle groups, like biceps and triceps. My favorite supersetting routines are the Poliquin arm routines.

Incline Bench Presses with Chins. Poliquin used 10 sets of each in one of his original GVT programs. If you want to only do 3 or 4 sets and then superset some rows and dumbbell presses/flyes, that would work well, too. Gotta tell you, though-the 10 supersets are something that everyone should try at least once. You’ll need someone to drive you home with a forklift after you’re done.

Biceps: Standing Barbell curls for 4-5 reps, followed by lying (as in on a flat bench) dumbell curls for 12 reps. The best burn I have ever had from this is to repeat this three times with no rest.

I agree with John about the poliquin routines. Pick up a copy of winning the arms race by Charles. The super set routines in that book will kill you.

Go to . . the man lived on supersets only. His book Brother Iron, Sister Steel is full of superset routines.
For what it’s worth . .Hammer curls/ dips
Incline press/ Shrugs
My faves