Sumo DL Vid: 1 Month From Push/Pull

Pretty happy going 3/3 on deads in my simulated meet.

Any tips of lowering the weight when using a sumo stance? You can probably figure out why I am asking.

Any comments at all would be awesome.

ur lowering is fine as per competition rules. hands must remain on the bar and in control, I kind of do the same thing where I lower and push me butt back and loosen up while turning toes in. Can’t really lower the same way you raise, and I’d rather do that than lose the lift on grip loss on the way down. Sucks in the gym, but then again I drop from the top a lot during training, but owning your own place has it’s advantages…

I don’t really see any reason to be pulling your toes in like that. You are far enough away from the bar it shouldn’t be an issue. Hell, I have girls who pull toes to the plates and they set it down, most of the time, OK. Just keep your chest up and knees out so they don’t get hit on the way down.

The only comment I would make is it looks to me like your grip is a little narrow. This can bind you up at lockout.

If you can’t move it out a touch, make sure you put baby powder on the inside of your upper arms/armpit at your meet to prevent this. Just make sure you keep it off your hands.

I will take a look at hand placement. Thanks for the comments.