Stupid Question - Pouring Mag 10

Hi, I’m on Day 3 of Mag 10. So far only up about 1 pound but I expect the gains to pick up in the coming days. Anyway, it seems like every time I try to pour some Mag 10 I spill a little or it drips down the bottle some. Any suggestions on how to efficiently pour it, without having to go out and get a dropper or something. Thanks

Go out and get a dropper or something

Buy or create a funnel. Think of it like you were putting oil in your car. If you use a funnel, it’s nice an clean no oil spilled, if you just pop the cap an pour, ur likely to get some spillage.


Oral syringe with a bottle stopper. About a buck and a half at any pharmacy. (I get mine at Wal-mart.) Works like a charm and very accurate. You may have to resort to the cap the last couple of doses though. I even take flax oil with these things.

Talk about getting hung up on minutia! I just use a teaspoon. 2tsp = 10 ml – close enough.