Stupid question, just wondering

I’m sitting in school and there is a large number of eh… fruity dudes walking around because of the fashion design program they have here (im actually surrounded right now, and I know theyre looking). I’m curious, if one of them took a nice dose of testosterone what’d happen? Stupid question I know, I’m just curious. Has anything like this been addressed before? Would these guys come to the other side where they belong, if only for the weeks they were on?

No, it would just give them enough strength to rape your balloon knot. Haven’t you seen gay bodybuilders before (chris Duffy)? Would just make them hornier, not straight.

T levels have nothing to do with homosexuality. In fact, I vaguely recall one study that showed gay men having normal to above average T levels. BTW, there was a more recent study that showed that gay men tend to have larger penises than straight men. Anyway, although homosexuality most likely does have some sort of genetic origin, it’s not T levels that does it.

I thought that was just Gary Griffen and his size queen wishes? It wasn’t the Kinsey (sp) report, was it? Um, I heard all this from a friend.

Thats what I was figuring, I dont know… when I get bored I think like an idiot. I don’t know why I even posted that. But no, I’ve never heard of gay bodybuilders. I couldn’t imagine them coming out of the closet, but I guess who knows these days.

You’d just get bigger fruit - there are quite
a few studies showing that gay men have a
higher testo level AND larger “organs”
than straight guys.

Bummer, eh?


Bob Paris was an openly gay bodybuilder. He had a great body, not huge, but graceful look to him.

I don’t get how they could be larger, but I don’t really keep up on the homo research. Do they say they’re born that way for a fact now? I always figured it was something that happened while they were younger that flipped the switch. But anyways, anybody happen to see that commercial for “Longitude?” I don’t know if its shown nationwide, I’m in Chicago. It’s that pill that makes for a “bigger man” because thats all ladies are looking for. I almost shit I was laughing so hard the first time I seen it. -ryan

I think if you gave those fruits standing behind you and watching you type some Test, you would get boinked with a big woody.

Maybe they just feel larger because they hole they aim for is smaller :slight_smile:

is it too late to be gay?

i think i belive what shugart said here. Howard Stern is not the wisest man on the planet but he too has said gay guys have bigger units. Whenever a dude comes on w/ a 10+ or something he will go oh ok your gay right? and OF COURSE every single time i have watched, the guy says yes or that hes “bisexual.”