Stretching to help shin pain?

Yesterday I had to run a mile for my football coaches (dont ask me why as long distance running has how much to do with football?) but anyway, being as this site has taught me so much about lifting, I was asked to help spot/organize everyone for the lifting portion of the day, and so I had to run last and by myself and was so tired I did not stretch enough at all, and now my shins are ablaze with pain. Anyone know any stretches to help ease the pain in my shins?

Thanks for the help

If you have a partner, lay down on the floor on your back, with your legs straight. Have your partner push down on the tops of your feet, like he/she was going to make them rest flat on the floor(as if you were standing), but make sure the backs of your legs stay on the ground.

Also, if the pain you feel is muscle soreness, a little light exercise of those muscles wouldn’t hurt. Check out the exercise in this article under the big calves section that works the dorsiflexors of your lower leg.

For your purposes, I would do extremely light weight, high reps, just to get the blood flowing. That should help recouperation a little. Also, if you search for a post about shin splints, I think somebody said walking on your heels for a bit helps for splints, so it might be good in your case, too. I guess it couldn’t hurt.

Oh yeah, and one more thing, and I know these aren’t stretches, but they should help. Put your legs out in front of you and “write” the alphabet in the air with your toes, this will get you working all those muscles as well.

Foam rolling would help, too, if you can get your hands on one. Refer to an article called something like “Feel Better for Ten Bucks”. It was just a few weeks ago so it’ll be recent in the archives.

Sorry for the novel, hope it helps.