Stretch, Hold or Both?

Hi Ellington,
In one of your articles you wrote:
End With the Right Move: Conclude a set with a 5-10-second stretch/hold for optimal growth stimulus.

In your opinion is it better to stretch or hold at the end of the set?

Are there some exercises that are better suited to either a stretch or a hold?

Are there some exercises when it’s better to do both?

Some movements that I have experimented with:
Pulldowns - I have tried both
Row - both
Chest Press - Stretch
Arm Cross - both
Press - Stretch
Lateral Raise - Hold
Squat - Stretch
Leg Press - Stretch
Leg Extension - both
Calf Raise - both


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That’s a great question. And your answers are pretty much my opinions too. It’s a “feel” that requires some experimentation to decide for each movement.

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