Steroid Abusers Refuse to Believe

I have been doing a lot of research regarding steroid usage. I never knew anything about it several years ago, but one thing that I have noticed is that IT’S the steroid abuser himself that refuses to believe that “Roid Rage” exist.
My husband of 7 years was a wonderful man. He was kind and caring…we shared a lot of great times. Somewhere along the way he got mixed up in steroids. He takes all kinds of them…stacking, cycling on and off…etc. Whenever he cycles on the steroids, he is mean, offensive, and verbally abusive. I feel the threat of possible physical abuse in the future. He refuses to quit to save the marriage, and he talks to me with this extreme hatred…he fails to see this as a “roid rage”…always blaming me for his anger. It is apparent that those that abuse this drug cares about himself and his beloved addiciton. He hurts those around him believing that it is not the steroid causing the blow ups but the victims causing them. Well, let me tell you it’s apparent to those people having to live with a steroid abuser that it is caused by these drugs. I have lived with it…for several years. So quit saying that your hostility isn’t from the drug because it is…Just admit that your problem…I hate this addiction…Go ahead and make remarks about this e mail that are hateful and ridiculed…that is just typical of the abuser…you blame everyone else and defend the beast you love…I feel sorry for you…

Well I am sorry to hear about your experience. First off are you 100% sure that it is ‘on-cycle’ that he has probs or is it after? This is when I get irritable if at all. Also what specific steroids is he using? Some are noted for increasing aggression. Is he quite aggressive any normally? Does he get aggressive when drinking? If he drinks.

But to say that all steroids users or as you say ‘abusers’ have roid rage is just plain narrow minded and ignorant. This has unfortunately been your experience but it is not the experience of the vast majority of users. In fact when I am on I only get comments from people saying what a good mood I am in! So it just goes to show that everybody is different so please don’t tar us all with the same brush.

For every person that supposedly goes ape shit because of steroids, there are hundreds that never do. You may find it interesting to read Dr. Siff’s comments on Gorrilas in Africa in his Facts and Fallacies book.

Some people are predisposed. There are always exceptions to every rule. And last, excuses are like butt holes, everyone has one and they all stink!!!

It sounds like the Steroids exacerbate feelings he already has, 95% of Steroid users don’t behave that way. Everything affects somebody in a bad way, he probably is someone who shouldn’t use Steroids, but not everybody reacts the same way. I react badly to milk, you don’t want to be around me if I’ve had too much.

Face it, it’s him, not the juice. Steroids don’t turn you into something that you’re not; they just make an asshole, an even bigger asshole.

I have to agree with everyone else on this one. Steroids don’t change you into a different person, if anything they might bring out a side of you that was always there and isn’t the most pleasant. The key phrase is it was always there. Take for instance alcohol, some people can handle it some can’t…some people have better personalities while drinking, and some are just dicks, but you can’t blame the liquor for that. The personality was already lurking there and just needed an outlet to come out.

Ann-I know your concern and anything we say won’t change your mind, but keep in mind, everybody acts differently to different things. Remember the guy who went on a killing spree after he at some sweets? His doctor said he had some condition that causes him to lose it when he has sugar. It’s called the Twinkie defense. Ask any lawyer, I’m sure they’re familiar with it. I am a very easy going person. When I do get upset, I can get mad though. When I’m doing a cycle it really has the opposite effect on me. If I start to feel mad, my subconscious asks, “are the steroids causing this?” That always does it for me. I immediately drop the issue. My wife even says I’m even more mello when doing a cycle. Certain drugs can promote aggression (i.e. Halotestin, high test., etc.). But in general, responsible use by a responsible person, can result in zero phsycological changes. There was probably an underlying physcological problem with your husband.

Lets also not forget the placebo effect. If you tell someone they’ll be roid raging while they are on it just might happen. Lets also not forget that some roids have estrogen or progesterone effects, or aromatize into estrogen or have them as part of the compound. These will cause bitchiness or PMS effects in a man. I would ask what particular steroids is your husband using as they are not all the same thing. Maybe a different steroid would affect him better.

According to Yesalis steroids do cause changes in areas of the brain related to aggression but he also found that users frequently have other psychological conditions. Nasty cocktail if you ask me, or him for that matter.
Many users get rages as they are coming off a cycle, and I have “heard” that a large portion of violent criminal offenders actually suffer from low T.
In summary, fooling with nature does seem to be asking for trouble.

Ann, you are being verbally abused and feel the threat of physical harm.

Seek shelter and counsel. Now.

Debating the origin and trajectory of this kind of behavior is pointless.

I am deeply sorry for your experience, and I have no clue what is causing it. But any therapist, counsellor, doctor, social worker, pastor or teacher would advise you to seek first your own security before any further steps can be taken.

If you think the sum total of your husband’s issue with anger will vanish if he stops taking steroids, you are simplifying the issue. You are unintentionally enabling him to continue abusing you.

I am pleading with you to seek help.

Plowman is right on the money here. You need to get away from him. Stop thinking its only the steroids that make him like this. Whether it is or not it doesn’t sound like he’s going to stop. Sounds like your trying to excuse your husbands behaviour by blaming the steroids. By projecting your feelings of anger against steroid users rather than the real problem - your husband, you are exposing yourself to danger.

I have read all your post, and I want to respond by saying I appreciate your honesty. It just seemed that my husband started this behavior when he started the steroids. I know that he takes all kinds plus he makes his own trenbolone from finaplix kit he bought legally.

I am seeking counseling and have asked him to go with me, but he refuses saying that it is a waste of time.

Thanks again,


I third that motion. Get out before you get hurt!

The idea of roid rage interests me a lot, as I am currently on my 1st real cycle.
By real I mean using injectables aswell as orals, my first cycle was 3 weeks anabol at 40mg/day, followed by 2 weeks clomid. This was just to test my source was legit.
I was expecting the feeling of euphoria that is commonly associated with anabol use - I felt absolutely no psychological effects at all. I did however get pretty bad stomach aches in the 3rd week. I only knew they where legit because I put on 10 pounds in those 3 weeks (mostly water), and my strength improved faster than ever before.
The clomid however made my sex drive go completely down, I felt moody, and I didn’t feel as close to my girlfriend, or any1 else for that matter. The moody feeling was not hugely pronounced though, no one noticed I wasn’t feeling very good.
This went away a few days after finishing the clomid.
The cycle Im currently on, after frontloading is 750mg/ wk sustanon with 500mg/weeks boldenone, with 30mg anabol for the 1st 3 weeks, and now Im using 50mg/day winstrol for 15 days up until clomid therapy, which I am not looking forward to.
Now I am just using the winstrol, and my test levels are plummeting, again my sex drive is going down. Any other effects are minimal.
Up until now, I have felt absolutely no psychological changes, even though I was strongly expecting them from the stories I have heard of roid rage. I have had no bad side effects at all, not even insomnia, which I was expecting as I have always found it difficult to sleep. Imo, clomid and low test levels seem to be what could be causing some of the aggressive side effects. I don’t think steroids are directly responsible for an increase in aggression, but I am a very placid person naturally so maybe its different for others.
I still believe steroids are dangerous, and I am certainly not trying to promote them, I just don’t think roid rage is a valid side effect.
I am sorry to hear about this happening to you, and if he is refusing counselling, I would leave, for your own safety.

this woman seems like a ball buster, so thats probably where her husbands hostility comes from.
Of course, like most women she probably doesnt want to except ANY blame.

Trenbolone is one of the steroids that ancedotally seems to be responsible for increased aggression in some users, more so than say test or d-bol at least. Ask your husband if he is aware of this. If he isn’t then maybe you could suggest he could research it a bit. Halotestin is one roid that definitely heightens aggression and is often used by fighters for this end.

[quote]FrontFaceLock wrote:
this woman seems like a ball buster, so thats probably where her husbands hostility comes from.
Of course, like most women she probably doesnt want to except ANY blame. [/quote]

Yeah, women suck hey!

Her husband is the one taking illegal drugs linked with aggression. I don’t think finger pointing is productive for either side and as she is probably upset about the state of a long term relationship diplomacy might be a better approach. She is trying.

Thanks OShea. Frontface(?) sounds like my husbands attitude. Even if I was a ball buster…the only thing I am ball busting is the fact the my husband treats me so poorly while on steroids. He is angry because I will not have sex with him every night of the week even thought I am tired and pregnant. He has started watching porn every night of the week. I have tried to get him to go to counseling…he won’t. I am seeing a counselor by myself…and now I have no choice, but to seek legal advice. I can’t help but feel that the addiction to steroids has led to a failing marriage…I know that most of you feel that there had to be something there before the steroids. Maybe. I know that I am by no means perfect, but I can be reasoned with…he is somehow chemically enhanced to the point that he can’t be reasoned with. He refuses to quit because he has said that he feels the best he has ever…The whole situation is sad.

I came to this forum because he was always on here reading at one point…and I wanted to read the views of others that indulge in this activity. I am willing to look on the other side to understand…I just feel that when a person takes these drugs, they should themselves understand what it could do to those that are around them. My husband feels great on steroids, but he is hurting me in the process…I won’t allow him to hurt my child.

Thanks again…

You have recieved a lot of good advice from the above posts. But just realize that opinions like those of front-face are stated because you came and posted on a board for steroid users and painted all of us with the brush of denying roid rage. I dont agree with what he said, but some people take offense when they are lumped in with a minority. I sure do. Just remember that it is him and his lack of self-control, and probably excessive personality that steroids are enhancing…Lata

Your PREGNANT!!! Shit that does explain a lot. Sorry to be blunt but that is probably the worst domestic situation I can imagine. An aggressive sexually frustated juice head and an emotionally over sensitive female with low libido. No wonder there’s tension. I’d let him watch his porn its better than the alternative…