Starting with Mutation series and Supps


I have almost a year training with diferents plans but with no results now
my idea is to base my workouts on the MUTATION SERIES plan in the nutrition plan I must accommodate it to the products that sell in my country(CHILE) , Biotest is not sold , only OPTIMUM NUTRITION , BSN, I have searching CH with no result.

The Mutation Series

The Mutation Series II

The Mutation Series III

The Mutation Series III Continued

My WEIGHT is 90Kg
HEIGHT 1,81cm
BF 24%

1SCOOP whey protein +1000mg vitamin C + 35g maltodextrin +5g Creatina

35g de Maltodextrin +1 SCOOP whey protein +5g Creatina+5g taurine

helpme with the supplements and the workout plan, I donâ??t know too much.

I’d suggest you take a look at these articles and their discussion forums and build a plan around them.