Squatting Variety

After recovering from a delt injury, I’m coming back to serius lifting and am looking to “pump out” my workout. Excluding my upper body workouts, my staple lift is of course the squat supplemented by a stiff legged deadlift. What variations on the standard back squat will give me good gains, and what different types of deadlift will also give me these gains, noting the fact that I’ve been lifting only for about 3 months.


Okay, I will share the secret to freaky legs with you.

  1. Squats.
    You should always start with these. Work down from 3 sets of 15 to 5 sets of 4-5 over 5-6 workouts - periodize.

  2. Lunges.
    These are so under-utilized. It’s seriously gained secret weapon status. This is the only exercise that gets my glutes sore any more. Do walking lunges with a barbell or dumbells - no sissy-ass split-squats.

  3. Front Squats.
    I used to ‘close’ with leg presses, but saw too many bitc…bodybuil…I mean guys doing them like little fruitcakes. Plus, you have to load a crapload of weight to get any effect. Front squats will finish your front quads.

Rest. I split leg day into two parts - front-leg and rear-leg (more or less - lunges are a grey area).

A few hours later, do your SLDL until you feel like puking. Then do leg curls, and finish off with calf work.

Seriously - your legs will grow… Quickly.