Squatting Injury

I was squatting, and on the eccentric portion (on the way up), I felt the right side of my trap pull pretty bad. Now, I pretty much have a permanent headache on that side of my head. I’m taking at least one week off for rest. Has this happened to anyone else? Anyone have any ideas? Here’s to hoping it’s just a muscle pull. Thanks.

Get to an A.R.T. therapist. Run don’t walk.

Something like that happened to me recently. In my opinion, it sounds like you might better see a chiropractor. The headaches are probably a result of some pinched nerves or something like that in your spine around the trap and neck area. Helped me and hope it helps you.

Hey Choad, I pulled my right upper trap once, and it screwed me for about a month. I did it from crap form (i was just starting out and didn’t know a damn thing…) on lat raises. Although having said that, personally (and it seems most others do it too) I tend to scrunch up my upper traps (isometric contraction) when I’m doing just about every lift. I really have to concentrate to relax them properly. Anyway, for this reason, I couldn’t train for a month or so, but learnt fairly quick to keep my traps relaxed when lifting. Just take some time out bud.

Oh, and I think you’ll find that the “going up” part is concentric…

And how on earth did you pull a trap while squatting??? Were you doing front squats?

Concentric… that’s what I meant. My injury caused a mind fart. =)
I’m not exactly sure how I did it. I assume my trap just tensed up too much and ripped or pulled. It couldn’t be from too much weight, as I shrug the same weight that I squat. Think I’ll try taking some time off, and maybe see a chiropractor. Thanks for the advice.