Squatting and deadliftting

What do people think of squatting and deadlifting during the same workout cycle? Would it be too much for a person’s back?

Typically not a problem. If you mean same day, depends how heavy you are going. I train for PL, so I work them seperate days

I always squat and deadlift on separate training days. It takes too much nervous energy and recovery to do squats and deadlifts on the same day (speaking for myself of course). I deadlift on back day along with hamstrings, and squat on a separate day (usually 5 days after). As far as ‘cycles’ are concerned (incorporating both exercises in your schedule), I believe that both exercises can actually improve the overall health of your back (muscles and spine) if done correctly.

Sure you can do it. In fact, I’ve been doing it recently. You have to manipulate volume, frequency, and intensity accordingly however.
My workout has looked like this:
Full Back Squats and leg curls supersetted with 2 minutes rest in between each set. for 3 sets of 4-6 reps. Then Dead lifts and front squats for the same set/rep/rest scheme. I chose too split it like that in order to not over fatigue my low back. it’s worked pretty well. The glutes really get it though.

Check out Westside barbell and Dave Tate on this site. He suggests that you do do them both in the same workout althought not every time,he also gives his reasons for this.

Here’s what I can tell you from personal experience. I don’t have a good recovery ability but I’ve always been fine doing squat then deadlifts for several consecutive weeks. I’ve always done squats first then deadlifts. I’ve always had to lower my poundages just a little in the deadlift and my lower back would feel wasted. That’s MY personal experience, take it for what it’s worth.

Also, I’ve never tried this but I’d imagine that doing squats then King deadlifts wouldn’t bother your back anymore than squat’s alone. Try searching T-mag for King deadlifts. I don’t know if I’m allowed to post the excerpt from Ian King’s “Get Buffed” (a great book by the way) that gives the instructions on this site.