Like the suggestion of doing asstothefloor squats, I did a search at Tmag and couldn’t find anything to explain (IE proper form). Could someone either: 1) explain or 2) send link/issue#? Thanks for the help!

Keegs, best way to find out is to buy Ian’s video “Killer Leg Exercises.” Otherwise, you can see some photos of it done properly in T-mag issue #2 and also in Ian’s “Limping” series posted on the site!

Squats are my absolut favourite.
I put a bench behind me when i max out and i lower until my hamstrings touch the bench.

I used to do 220 pounds then a guy told me to drop the weight and do lighter weight but go all the way down. I didn’t believe him, but i tried going back to 120 pounds and doing 10 reps all the way down and it just is a killer, my legs felt like collapsing.