Squats: For Quad Activation, Drive Through Heels or Ball of Feet?

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A question on back squats:

  1. For quad activation should you aim to drive through the heel of the foot or the ball of the foot. Having trouble engaging my quads during my high bar back squats. Any help/tips to get my quads firing would be great!

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Neither. The weight should be equally on the big toe, outer portion of the feet and heel. To do that, try to screw your feet into the floor.

One trick I recommend is to use the front squat as pre-fatigueā€¦ do 4-6 front squats, no rest/same weight/4-6 back squats, this should help

I like using the front squat to pre fatigue also. You can also place a 2.5 lb plate under your heals yo elevate them and place more tension on the quads. I love doing goblet squats this way, quads are toast after those

Ok greatā€¦ Just to be sure, basically you mean weight should equally distributed over the whole foot?

Thanks fitgm for the elevated heels tip, that should come in handyā€¦

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