Squat Form

Hey guys I have a question about my form while squatting. When I squat I usually go slightly below parallel and it seems that when I hit the bottom position I inadvertently lean forward some while stopping and changing directions, and then I go back to the angle I held before. Now I know this cannot be to good on my back does anyone know of any way to correct this? I hurt my back earlier this year and saw a chiropractor to help me get back to normal. I’ve done and continue to do a lot of core strengthening excercises as a recovery tool. I feel a little bit of soreness in my lower back now as a result of squatting today, which I believe to be related to my leaning forward. Thus, I naturally wish to stop doing this. Thanks for any help you guys can offer.

Increase your hip flexibility and decrease weight until you can do the weight with near perfect form.

may be weak hamstrings or very strong quads. build up your quad strength.

I’m thinking that if you’re not rounding your back when you do this, it’s not necessarily bad. Hip flexibility may be an issue, and also ankle flexibility. Have some one check your form, and drop the weight back a little to get the groove back before progressing again.

I had the same exact problem. I ended up cutting back on the weight 'till my hips gained a little more flexibility, and my hamstrings got stronger. now I can keep good form and hit the heavy weights. cutting back on the wt sucks, but it may be a necessary evil.

for me it seems to be an ankle flexibility issue. I ride up on the balls of my feet just a bit if I dont really force myself and concetrate on doing it right.

Thanks for the replys guys! Sounds like just about everybody thinks it is a hip flexibility issue (or lack thereof). What kinds of stretches do you guys suggest I do to increase hip flexibility? Note: I am backing off on the weight some as I am changing my workout to a higher volume lower intensity workout for a little while. Thanks again.

I used to have to same issue, but it was due to weak hams and low back, not lack of flexibility. I was always very flexible. Once I started emphasizing deads and deadlift variations in my leg training, my inability to keep my torso upright while squatting went away, even as my squat weights went up.