Squat Form Check

First is 345lb on 12in box, second is 360lbs. Also, I’ll have to retake the second at another point, didn’t realize she was taking a fucked up video angle. Hopefully it’s not completely useless. Thanks ahead of time!

The 345 looked pretty solid. Back loosens up slightly but not majorly. You could perhaps try sitting back farther and pushing the knees out but thats just personal preference I think. As it is, that lift looked very good to me.

Loose coming out of the hole?

I guess I should have gone a little heavier. I just shot that when I was sick and am still sick, so I kinda pussied out with going bigger I guess.

Well for someone who’s sick that is a great lift hahah!

It’s very minor but all I was getting at is that your middle/upper back fall over slighlty as you near, and then get out of the hole. I think this is why you start to slightly lose control as you get down to the box on the 360 set. If you really tighten the back hard and parhaps point out the toes/knees a touch farther, you may have better luck staying upright and controlling the weight onto the box and driving with the posterior chain.