Squat Form Check - Thanks in Advance

You might wanna go the westside way instead of the easternway if your talking about explosion, if you know what i mean :wink:

maybe glute activation? my glutes take a while to kick in. i was told to think of driving my hips (using my butt and hammies) forwards and up. keeping the chest up so the shoulders rise in time with the hips.

glute bridges / sky humps / barbell hip thrusts can help with glute activation. i find it useful to do them as a filler in between sets when i’m warming up for squats.

[quote]alexus wrote:

bird - can’t you feel when you squat lopsided?


I can, but I feel that I can correct it better with a visual cue. Infact before this thread was even started I was thinking about taping a vertical piece of masking tape on my torso so I could watch it in the mirror as I squat.

I dont use the mirror for any other exercise.


The bar looks too high up (too close to your neck). Try moving it down your back - it will keep you from leaning forward and should give you more stability.

thanks for all your tips guys ive progressed while looking away from the mirror as well
the only thing i hate is when some a-hole has to deadlift right in front of the squat rack at the same time im squatting so i have to look at their ugly face the whole time…
anyways… the best video i found on the subject was - YouTube respect to the guy i learned a lot
also on average how long did it take you guys to get to 225lbs on squatting and how long from there to 315?