Spurrier resigns from UF

Today is a sad day in Gainesville. I think a low hush has fallen upon the city. The mighty Gators are losing Spurrier, most likely to the NFL. This is bad news for us. It means the Gators may totally suck next year. They have the talent (players), but without a good coach, it could be back to mediocrity! We will have to wait and see who steps up for the head coaching job. It sure would be nice to have Bob Stoops back! Man, this is going to put a damper on the weekend’s activities. Everyone will be talking about this. I’ll have to use this to my advantage. heheheh. GO GATORS!

Nate, I wouldn’t worry too much if I were you. Spurrier always called the plays but I’m positive any offensive coordinator with a great reputation will receive a call and most would be stupid to not take the job. Florida is a haven for high school football talent so a good coach will still have a good influx of talent. Also, whoever takes over will inherit, IMHO, the second most talented team in college football. That’s if all those guys on the brink of the nfl draft don’t leave now. Caldwell was probably leaving but quite a few other stars were going to stay. We’ll have to see. If most leave then you may be looking at having a season of turmoil much like FSU did this year while they searched for experience on a still talent rich club. Regardless, I think that when the dust clears they will still be one of the best programs in college football.

The sad end to a fun era. If I was Tony Dungy, I’d be sweating a little more than usual today. I predict though, that San Diego would be the most appealing offer to him at this moment. Who in their right mind would want to start their NFL career with the clusterf**k in Minnesota?
BTW, I hope George O’leary stays far away from the Gator AD’s doorstep!

This came as a surprise to me. Spurrier put the Gators on the map. Actually he is Florida Gator football. I agree that with the amount of talent Florida already has that they will remain one of the top teams in the nation.

Bob Stoops had better not leave my Sooners to go to Florida. OU finally has a good coaching staff after several years of putrid coaching. Stoops was offered the head coaching job at the Cleveland Browns last year and he declined. So I believe he’ll stay.

It’s tough! I knew that sooner or later he would be gone but all of this time I was in denial. When the man came to UF, all I expected were 1 or 2 SEC cahmpionships. Well, he certainly exceeded that. Just remember one thing. Bear Bryant said that if UF brought the right man it would win a lot of SEC crowns. So I hope Jeremy Foley, just like he found Lon Krueger and Billy Anderson, will come through. I suggest Dennis Green.

Several hours after I made my post about Stoops not leaving, the rumors are all pointing to him leaving.

Last night(Friday) the local news were I live(Tulsa) was saying that a Florida newspaper or TV station, i can’t remember which, had said that Stoops would sign a contract with the Florida Gators. They said this would happen within 24-48 hrs.

It was strange because Sportcenter didn’t say a word about it. Of course this is just a rumor. Neither of the schools have made any announcements regarding the situation.

It’s been said that when the Boy Conquerer Alexander the Great felt that he had conquered all that there was to conquer, he sat on the battlefield and wept. (What the HECK does that have to do with Spurrier)?

There are simply restless souls who are only satisfied with the next goal or conquest. Sure…maybe he could Chase the records of JoePa and B. Bowden, but that appears to not be a lofty enough goal for Spurrier.I would imagine that for him, to “conquer” the NFL would TRULY make him “the best”. (Personally, I have a much larger passion for College Football than the Pro’s, so I would like to see him stay). But on he goes. I wish him well; and hope that that intensity he has, coupled with the pressure of the NFL, doesn’t lead to heart failure…

If the Gators get Bob Stoops back, that would be awesome. He’s a great coach and did a great job as defensive coordinator a few years ago. So if it happens, you can be sure that “Stoops Troops” will be ready to roll next season.

I can’t imagine Stoops will leave PU (oops) OU for Florida. I can’t imagine any coach would want to coach in the shadow of Spurrier. I would hate to see it, although I don’t like OU, Stoops is truly a class act. Stoops wont every be the jackass Spurrier is.

To Nate Dogg and all Gators - the true colors of Spurrier show, and ya know what he will suck as a pro coach because he is too arogant. The Noles (and hopefully) everyone else will beat the Gators down for the next coupla years.

If Florida gets Bob Stoops I doubt they will see any drop off in success. Stoops is a great coach. I think he will be every bit as good as Spurrier in the long run, and he won’t be a prick about it either. I agree with Seminole, I think Spurrier may turn out to be the Rick Pitino of the NFL. There won’t be any podunk teams to beat the fuck out off in the NFL, and he will have to establish a running game or else he will get his assed killed. At least now Mike Martz won’t have to be the Spurrier of the NFL. Spurrier was the most hated coach in college football, and now he can be the most hated coach out of college football:)

Guys…help me out with this Stoops thing…

What is the “advantage” to him of going to Florida? Seems sorta like a “lateral” move to me… but I don’t really know…Mufasa

It’s interesting to see how many people hate Spurrier. Everyone think he is cocky and arrogant. But if you’ve ever met him or been coached by him, you’d know otherwise. Sure, he appears that way on TV, but it’s because he wants to win. Maybe he doesn’t take the quiet approach that many other good coaches take, but he is all about having a successful program. Besides, there is a quote that goes like this, “If you are hated, it’s because you are beating the other teams. Once they don’t hate you, you’re being beaten.” Now how true is that?

Seminole, don’t think that the Gators will bow down to you this coming season. Besides, you shouldn’t be talking too much trash after what happened this season. And I’m sure Jeremy Foley will get another great coach to take Spurrier’s place. As for Stoops coming back, sure, it may be a lateral move because he’d be taking over as head coach of a major college football team, but at the same time, he’d be coming back to one of his favorite places to lead one of his favorite teams. And I’m sure the offer would be quite lucrative.

Its about 3:50 p.m. central time and I still haven’t heard anything about Stoops leaving. I would think we would hear something by tonight.

Money isn’t an issue with Stoops leaving. First of all, OU will match any dollar amount Florida offers Stoops. Secondly, its been said already that Stoops isn’t taking money into consideration. Everyone keeps saying its 50-50 chance whether he’ll leave or not.

Please Bobby, please don’t leave! :slight_smile:

I agree that Spurrier is a very succesful and great coach. The guy’s record speaks louder than he ever could…sorry, couldn’t resist that one:) ESPN was letting loose on some of his stats last night, and I was unaware and impressed with it. But…I still have a problem with the way he does things. It goes back to the whole do the ends justify the means thing. You can go about winning a lot differently than Spurrier does. I think it all boils down to respect as a coach (not just a winner), and I just don’t have that for the man. He can win as many games as he wants, but in the end the way he does it just rubs me the wrong way I guess. I don’t think the majority of people hate (that’s a strong word) him for being a good coach, they just don’t like the way he operates. Every player or fan loves their team’s coach. I mean Indiana players were beside themselves when Bob Knight got the boot. Bob Knight is a very successful coach, but again, the way he approaches winning is not true coaching in my book. Coaching isn’t all about winning games. It’s winning and setting an example for your team, especially in collegiate athletics. Sorry for the rant bud, I just wanted to let you know where I was coming from. Best luck with Gators!

Dude, let’s get a bet going for the 2002 UF-FSU game, put yo’ money where yo’ mouth is. Chris Rix as FSU quarterback just got the best real world experience this past year of what he will need to do to win at FSU. The team as a whole is young AND thus will mature under Bobby Bowden to wim the ACC and of coarse another National Championship within the next 2 years. As far as da Gators, it looks like Stoops is your man and he has class that Spurrier does not. I agree with Brad that it is Spurrier’s attitude that he is disliked for not his winning ways. Winning at all costs is not always the right thing to do.

Nate, I have to say that I didn’t always hate Spurrier until I started watching UF games from beginning until end. I saw how much of a dick he acted like and I hated him from then on. I knew that I just couldn’t deal with that if I was one of those players. I should say that I am a seminole so I am somewhat biased but not to the extent that some college football fans are. That said now I can trash talk. I wouldn’t gloat about a single win against an inexperienced noles squad too much since it had been a few years since UF had beat FSU. Bowden surely has been better than Spurrier head to head. I’ve never really hated the Gators, just Spurrier. And if Stoops goes back then I may watch some UF games and not get disgusted; hell I may even enjoy them. He seems like a much more mild-mannered coach.

So what is it that you guys dislike about Spurrier? Is it the fact that he throws his visor? That he actually shows displeasure on the sidelines? That he gets angry when something goes wrong? I’ll tell you something about Spurrier. He is one coach that lives by his rules. It doesn’t matter who you are on the team, if you break a rule, or screw up somehow, you will pay for your mistake. One point was the recent Orange Bowl. A few players missed curfew. They lost their right to start the game. In the past, others have gotten into trouble (stolen items, sexual battery). Those issues were always delt with right away and with discipline. I hate to say this, but under Bowden, if you’re a star player, you’re gonna get a slap on the wrist and then you’re back in the game. Spurrier doesn’t play favorites. He may act immature on the sidelines, but that’s just his style of coaching. The players under him have no problem with the way he coaches. In fact, many of them will say how much they enjoy his style of coaching and his discipline.

I'm not saying this just because I'm a Gator fan. I've met him, I know people that know him. Yeah, when I first moved here and started watching the Gator games, I thought the same thing you guys think. He's arrogant, he's a crybaby. But then after actually being around him, getting to know his style of coaching, you really see a whole different side. So what you see on TV is not the whole picture. So don't let that sway you. He did some impressive things as a coach at UF. And I'm sure he'll do impressive things as an NFL coach. But now we look forward to a new coach. Hopefully, Stoops, but possibly someone else. Stoops has already told reporters how he'd love to lead Florida. That was one of his dreams. So even if OU matches the money, there is a good chance Stoops will still leave, just to be back at Florida. Spurrier has a conference on Monday, so maybe we will know more soon.

Damn, I just went to cnnsi and I saw that Mike Shanahan may be offered the UF job. Well, if he takes it, then I will make the prediction that UF will probably the best team in college football very quickly. Nate, things keep looking better and better for you.

I think this argument is bound to go nowhere, but I’m going to list the major reason why I dislike Spurrier’s style of coaching. First off, I have no problem with a coach wanting to win and doing whatever he can (within the rules) to reach a victory. And, like you said, if he wants to get fired-up, throw his visor, do a fuckin jig, I really don’t care! But, if you believe in a “win is a win” philosophy, it shouldn’t matter how much or how little you win by. A win is still a win. Why does Spurrier have to run up the score on teams for? Please don’t say because of the BCS, because margain of victory doesn’t factor in that much, and I think we all know Spurrier would run up the score regardless of the BCS. The biggest beef I have with this, is it does absolutely nothing to make or prove your team as being better in anyway. If you are able to score easily against a team, then that is all it means. It’s like a scrimmage or even worse. It doesn’t build true confidence or character. It just makes no logical sense to me why a coach would do this? It’s just an insult to the other team, and makes the coach look like a prick. I think sportsmanship has gone out the window in modern sports. It’s one of the many reasons that I hardly watch NBA games anymore. There is no longer respect for other players and coaches like there used to be. Spurrier exemplifies this paradigm in college football and it bothers me. Luckily, most of the other coaches don’t follow this road. The ironic thing is…many other coaches could, and score just as many points as Spurrier. Some teams do, but they do it with third string players and by mostly run plays. They aren’t trowing bombs late into the 4th quarter when they’re up by 40 points. They consciously ease up and back off. This does not make them loose their “killer instinct” or prepare them to adopt a mentality of not giving a 100%. They simply do something Spurrier doesn’t…show respect for their fellow football players and coaches, and by doing this, show a little class.